Swords to Plowshares Department: One Texan’s Nuclear Missile Silo Bachelor Pad

Okay, what else can we repurpose? Let’s go! It’s high time to ignite our creativity and transform this silly, sorry, stupidly militarized world into the paradise of our imaginings.

(Hey, and this bachelor’s got a way better come-on line than “want to see my etchings?”)

No, This Isn’t the Entrance to a Secret Military Base. It’s Actually Something Even More Unexpected.

March 4, 2014

wired, via viralnova

Bruce Townsley was a man with a vision, albeit a strange one. In the mid 80s, he saw a guest on the Johnny Carson show that explained anyone with the money could buy a nuclear missile base for themselves. Anyone. It was an idea that was just too cool to forget. So, he tracked down the nuclear missile base real estate mogul that was on the late night show named Ed Peden.

Bruce was determined to have a missile silo, a “20th century castle,” to call home.

Most other fixer-uppers pale in comparison to this old missile silo. Added bonus? If there’s ever an apocalypse, Bruce has a house that’s ready for it.

Source: Wired

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