The Great March for Climate Change: LA to DC, 8 months, 235 committed marchers — so far.

2014: the year when the ongoing Uranus/Pluto reverberations get so intense that we get off our couches and, working with others, change what happens next. I see this historic Climate Change march, which will travel across the midsection of the U.S., as traversing the spine, maybe even creating a spine, with kundalini running up and down, energizing us, all of us, to heal ourselves by healing the planet.

First, check this out:

Climate Change: Before and After Pictures of Earth 2014


Let’s face it. Following this winter’s weirdness, we no longer have the luxury of wondering whether climate change is real.

Here’s one person’s decision to act, NOW, after reflecting on our predicament while sitting alone with others, also alone, at four-way traffic light in their expensive, polluting metal skins.

The Great March for Climate Change: One Marcher’s Perspective

And here’s the March itself. It started on March 1, two days ago, will take eight months, and will, hopefully, pick up both people and momentum along the way.


Rally in Los Angeles kicks off longest march in climate history

March 1, 2014

Lauren McCauley, staff writer


Marchers assemble before the first leg of the trek. (Photo: @Zerowasteco/ Twitter)

In what is expected to be the longest climate march in United States history, environmentalists determined to “change the heart and mind of America” and spur action to address the climate crisis set off on a cross country trek Saturday.

Kicking off the march with a rally at the Los Angeles harbor, demonstrators with the Great March for Climate Action were joined by supporters which ranged from nurses to indigenous groups to Hollywood film actors. The first leg of the march runs 17.5 miles, from the harbor in Wilmington to Exposition Park in downtown Los Angeles.

The goal of the march, the group writes, “is to change the heart and mind of America and its elected leaders to act NOW to address the climate crisis.”

The journey, which culminates in Washington DC on November 1, 2014, runs through the center of the country. Organizers are inviting residents from all cities along the way to join the walk or visit the March Camp. Thus far, 235 people have pledged to be full-time marchers; they hail from 36 states and 6 countries.

Ahead of the march, Los Angeles Councilmember Paul Koretz said Los Angeles was a particularly poignant place to begin because of the ongoing and devastating drought which has plagued much of California. “The drought is LA’s Pearl Harbor moment. These marchers are my heroes, carrying forth our message: We need climate action and we need it now,” he said.

This morning, facebook, this note:


Interesting that The Great Climate March should start just as rain finally poured down on California, eh? Divine choreography or what?

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  1. No way, not without a token acknowledgment of Chemtrails, HAARP, and toxic aerial sprays. Otherwise this march just perpetuates the status quo of big lies. It’s time to speak climate manipulation truth instead!

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