Terra Pleroma! — “Considerations of the tangible paradise” from “a gen X underachiever who’s been gnawing at the very roots of being . . .”

Please welcome this new blog, the creation of a dear friend of mine, Mark White, whose quiet depth and seriousness of purpose I recognized immediately upon meeting him a number of years ago. Mark explores the ineffable presence in which we are all immersed and which, when caught, moment by moment, and recognized, transmutes. His is a very distinct vision, utilizing origin/al language — language that moves into the world from his origins . . .

From his view of himself:

“Absolutely no mainstream credentials. While my suit-and-tied peers have been busy rat racing worthy careers and investments, I’ve been inundated with the profound, wandering off and on the road, and now am nesting quietly in the underbrush. . .

“I’m a gen X underachiever who’s been gnawing at nothing but the very roots of being, of suffering and happiness and consciousness . . . In collaboration with some of the greatest voices of the Perennial Tradition, Terra Pleroma is the product, re-formatted for mass consumption, of the work I’ve done to cleanse, mature, and edify my own self.”

Check out his About page.

Here’s his third post. And BTW: knowing Mark, it’s obvious that he practices his honing practice.

Honing: the Basic Practice

An aptitude, which for lack of a better term I call honing, can be done as an exercise session of specific focus and direct channeling (which is good to do), but its greater value is when the currents of its Vision can be harnessed throughout the day. Essentially the effort/endeavor is to hone one’s consciousness, the bulk and mass of the Now, with Awakening and mature Celebration.
I have discovered that honing is an effective app for “transformation to the better”, for improving the operation and processing of my life experience. In order to reprogram and upgrade, there are four basic self-commands (Four Basic Instructions) which initiate simply, but are designed with limitless deep Potential.

The Four Basic Instructions toward which one hammers to self-remember are:

1. Wake up! (be Aware)
2. Accommodate. (be Present and affirmative)
3. Be Kind. (respond to the irredeemable sacredness of the self of all beings.)
4. Celebrate. (be reverent)

A successful and thorough session or state of honing, like a cup of wake-strong, gives reason, song, and God force to the day’s work, rest, and play.

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