Aging in Community: From the “Me generation” to the “We generation”?

As I move through my 72nd year on this planet, I am increasingly focused on the fact that I, and the rest of my generation (born during World War II), and especially the Baby Boomers that surged in after after our GI’s came home, are going to be moving through aging, and dying, differently. Since both aging and dying are the greatest taboos in our youth-besotted world, they also carry the most charge. And the detonation for that charge is just around the corner.

Meanwhile, here are two films that I picked up from the library because they looked like they might be interesting, and was blown away by both of them. The shared love, the humor, the nuanced coloration of our humanity. While the folks in the first film are retired in a special home for what must be wealthy musicians, the second group, friends who move into one of their homes together, feels like a very real possibility for lots of folks I know. What else are all those McMansions good for? I’d say get young ones and old ones living together in these suburban McMansion developments, maybe young ones and old ones in alternating homes, and the vast lawns permacultured, via the young ones’ labor and enthusiasm, tempered by the old ones’ experience and wisdom. Just sayin’! Just wishin’!


All Together

And check out this article, the title of which speaks volumes and takes me right back to the good ol’ days.

Introducing the Retirement Commune

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