Joan Bird’s Summary of 2014 UFO Congress presentations, plus her response to Carol Rosin’s question: “Are there any ‘evil’ ETs?”

UnknownMy dear old friend Joan Bird has been attending UFO Congresses for many years. I have attended three of them with her, though not for the past several years. During each presentation, unlike the rest of the audience, Joan sits taking notes. A few days ago she sent out her summary of this year’s presentations to her ET-list. I’m going to order some of the DVDs.

imagesCarol Rosin, another dear old friend and a UFO Congress presenter from a few years ago, asked Joan, after receiving her summary, whether she knew of people who know that there are no evil ETs; her question inspired Joan to offer an overview on that question, one with which I would concur.

P.S. I just realized that both these friends flaunt long thick glorious white hair of which I am supremely jealous.

Summary of 2014 UFO Congress Presentations

UFO List – Last week I attended the International UFO Congress at Fort McDowell on the Yavupai Indian Reservation east of Scottsdale. As always, it was an intense jam-packed 5 days with fabulous speakers and a fire-hose blast of information that leaves my brain and body fried. I took a few days to rest and enjoy the sun at Arcosanti, about 90 minutes north of Phoenix.

I would like to share a few comments before I re-enter all the projects and distractions of my life back in Montana. Every one of the talks or panels can be purchased from Open Minds for the very reasonable price of $15. Discounts were available at the conference for purchasing 3 or more DVDs, so it might be worth calling and asking about that. <>

Alejandro Rojas, the emcee for the conference began with UFO highlights from 2014:

Area 51 outed by Obama, who said “Whenever I need to know anything about Area 51 I call Shirley MacLaine. I think I am the 1st President who’s ever mentioned Area 51.” Which is true, and significant. In the past, it’s existence has always been denied.

The last of the British UFO Files were released in August, 2013. Britain is one of several countries who have declassified and released extensive UFO files. Not everything, but some really interesting cases. The MOD (Minister of Defense) position as of Dec. 1, 2009 is “No opinion on UFOs and ETs. In over 50 years, no UFO report has revealed any evidence of a potential threat to the U.K.” (Curiously, they evidently don’t consider UFOs over nuclear weapons installations a threat.)

Citizens UFO Disclosure Hearing at the National Press Club, April 29 – May 3rd. This was the largest deposition of highly credible witness and researcher testimony on the subject of UFOs ever presented at one time. Stephen Bassett is making it into a documentary. (More information below in his talk summary.)

Mainstream Scientists are saying there is extraterrestrial life (Journal of Cosmology). In 2011, when Richard Hoover first published scientific papers on fossils of simple one-cellular organisms found in asteroids he was attacked by many scientists. Nevertheless, other credible experts in micro-fossils are backing him up. He is the Astrobiology Group Leader at NASA’s Marshall Space Field Center.

Speakers – For the sake of time, I am not going to cover every speaker, though I could say something good about every talk and panel. Unfortunately, Ardy Sixkiller Clarke was ill, and unable to attend. She was replaced by Yvonne Smith, a therapist and abduction researcher. I have heard Yvonne speak, so chose another activity during her presentation.

Ted Peters “UFO Abductions – Are They Spiritual?” – Peters teaches systematic theology at Pacific Lutheran Seminary and the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley. He is on the board of the Center for Theology and Natural Science who publish the journal, Science and Theology. He is an associate and friend of John Hart (author of Cosmic Commons), and the author of UFOs – God’s Chariots? (1977, 2014). Peters’ lecture is a little professorial, but he is incredibly knowledgeable, completely accepts the evidence that we are and have been visited for some time. He offers some interesting theoretical constructs for thinking about extraterrestrial contact. He talked about frequently reported messages that we already know: To love one another. To strive for world peace. To care for the environment. Like many other speakers, he pointed out the often urgent concern of the ETs about human damage to the Earth’s environment.

Stephen Bassett – UFO Disclosure – This was an exceptional talk about Bassett’s take on the history of government secrecy and why now is a good time for the possibility of Disclosure. Bassett doesn’t like the phrase “UFO Disclosure” because UFOs are no longer unidentified. Where is ample evidence that extraterrestrial craft are visiting Earth. He prefers the term “Truth Embargo” to UFO Secrecy. He is fundraising to get the Citizen’s UFO Hearings made into a documentary which he intends to make available to the public and distribute to all members of Congress. He is also coordinating a citizen’s campaign to lobby our Senators and Representatives for Congressional Hearings on UFO Secrecy. He believes strongly, and makes a good case that this is a viable path to Disclosure, an end to the Truth Embargo. His vision of how to bring this about is credible, compelling and exciting. Many of the people at the conference felt this was the best talk of the conference. <>

Kim Carlsberg – My Secret Life Comes Full Circle – This was the most comprehensive, amazing and enlightened talk on alien abduction and contact I have ever heard. I am in awe of what this woman has been through, what she is sharing, and who she has become as a result of her amazing experiences. Overall, she believes her abductors/contacts were for her ultimate soul evolution and created a spiritual awakening. Fabulous talk. Kim’s book “Beyond My Wildest Dreams” is out of print but also has excellent reviews. Used copies going for over $60, and new copies for $100. Might be worth it. <>

Mike Clelland – Owls, Synchronicity, and the UFO Abductee – Mike has been collecting owl stories for some time, since owls often seem to show up in conjunction with alien contact. UFO researchers consider them to be “screen memories,” something our mind creates because we can’t deal with seeing little grey beings with big eyes. Mike found the owl mystery is more complicated than that, and shared his journey of discovering the amazing synchronicities and mysteries of life if we pay attention. <>

Robert Powell – UFOs & Government: the Historical and Changing Role of Government Over Time – Powell has been the Director of Research at MUFON since 2007 and is a meticulous historical researcher. He is the co-author of an important historical reference book that came out in 2012: UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry. His analysis of how government policy on UFOs was shaped is well-considered and helpful in deeper understanding of the recent history of the extraterrestrial phenomenon.

Kewaunee Lapseritis – Interdimensionalism: The Secret to the Bigfoot/UFO Connection. – I learned more about the Bigfoot phenomenon in this talk than I thought anybody knew about these apelike creatures reported world-wide. Kewaunee was an academic anthropologist for many years, but his experiences with Sasquatch have changed his life. Kewaunee says the Sasquatch are fully human, as intelligent as we are, and have been on Earth longer. He presented some of the best photos available of these beings, and has documented 247 “percipients” who report telepathic communication with these sentient beings. Kewaunee, like Kim Carlsberg, was an incredibly impressive and compelling presenter of very edgy material. He is articulate and one can feel his integrity. His experiences have taken him into a state of being that I think of as “translucent.” There is no sense of ego, pretention or masks of any kind. His most recent book is The Sasquatch People and Their Interdimensional Connection. He brought several boxes of his books and they were all sold in the first couple of days. Glad I have not tried to write about this subject before learning about this man and his research.

Richard Hoover – Is Life Restricted to Planet Earth — Or Is LIfe More Widely Distributed Throughout the Universe. – This was a highly technical talk predominantly about fossils of microscopic organisms, but Hoover also brought up a number of cases where he has been perplexed at NASA’s and the media’s “burying of information” that has been scientifically confirmed, like the 1976 discovery of Mars polar ice caps by the Viking Orbiter. He says that since Viking, NASA has never again planned any life-detection experiments in their Mars’ missions, though there is some evidence of micro-fossils on Mars, as well as other life forms. On Feb. 17, 2004, the NASA Mars Rover Opportunity took pictures of a rock that looked convincingly like fossils of Crinoids, a marine sea creature, for anyone who has studied them. To his amazement, NASA targeted this particular rock and had the Mars Rover grind it into dust, supposedly to see what it was made of. Hoover innocently expressed his amazement at some of this difficult to explain behavior from a research scientist’s viewpoint. Some people found this talk too detailed and boring, but as a biologist, I found it utterly fascinating. Hoover only talked about very simple extraterrestrial lifeforms, but it was interesting to learn that even his mainstream research faces resistance from both the scientific community and the media.

Robert Schroeder – How Modern Physics Is Revealing the Technology of UFOs. – Schroeder did a good job of instructing the audience in theoretical physics and making the case that recent advances in unification theories and multidimensional theories may offer an explanation for many witness descriptions of spacecraft, including their ability to become transparent, acceleration of 50-100 G’s when humans can only withstand 9 G’s in special suits, puzzling strong attractive gravity fields, consistent spheres, discs, cylinders, or delta shapes, and an intense glow. Schroeder connects a lot of dots, and though I could not follow it all, I found it fascinating and his thought progression very provocative. I think he’s on to something big and want to listen to this talk again.

Patty Greer – Crop Circles & the Real Circlemakers – Patty is a musician and intuitive who had mercury poisoning, lost the ability to use her hands, and went to England after hearing about many people who had had healing experiences in crop circles. She began filming her experiences, and interviewing the other people spending a lot of time in the formations. Patty is a delightful presenter with many amazing stories, and several award-winning films that she has felt “tasked” to make. A special highlight of the talk was when she showed photos of crop formations, and then spun the images at medium and fast speeds. She believes many of them look like extraterrestrial craft when spun. I had the feeling that whoever makes the crop circles has just been waiting for us to spin the images. It’s worth buying this DVD just to see these images. Patty brings an artist’s eye to the crop circle phenomenon and a musician’s skill to the soundtracks. <>

Jeffrey Bennett – Beyond UFOs: The Scientific Search for Extraterrestrail LIfe and Its Astonishing Implications for Our Future. – Bennett is a mainstream scientist and a UFO skeptic, but as most of today’s current astrophysicist and astronomers, thinks the chances are very good there is intelligent life out there somewhere. He is a science “interpreter,” an excellent teacher and lecturer whose has taught from pre-school through graduate school. His children’s books, Max Goes to the Moon, Max Goes to Mars, Max Goes to Jupiter, and The Wizard Who Saved the World are award-winning. I think the Open Minds people like to invite some mainstream scientists to these events so we can hear what they’re thinking about, where they’re coming from, and maybe also for some cross-pollination.

Jaime Maussan – Closer Than Ever Before – Jaime’s presentations and videos are always incredible and timely. He had many UFO videos from 2013 and even early 2014. For excellent documentation of what’s happening now worldwide, his presentations are always excellent. For those who haven’t seen good video evidence, this is the DVD to purchase. He almost always receives a standing ovation, and that was true this year as well. Jaime is a Mexican UFO investigator who has had his own weekly show out of Mexico City for more than 20 years. Open Minds calls him “one of the hardest working investigators and reporters in the field.”

Rob Simone – UFOs in the Headlines: Real Reporting on a Real Phenomenon – Great historical presentation of extensive media coverage of UFO events from l950’s onward. Another great researcher. He has a new book by this title. It will be a good reference.

Timothy Good – Earth: An Alien Enterprise – Good also just published a book by this title, up to his usual thorough and impressive coverage of the field. He is among the best researchers alive today. The book and the presentation include new material about Leo Dworshak, who told Good that he was in communication with George Bush and said he still had connections with Government Intelligence. Contactees are often recruited, and we know Leo worked in intelligence during WWII. Good is one of the most respected UFO researchers in the field, whose many books have all been packed with important information. He quotes an anonymous military source soon to publish his own book about living Roswell aliens who ended up in England. Timothy had some trouble at the end of his talk with his Power point presentation, but it’s all in his book, and a lot more information gathered from his many years in the field and not available anywhere else.

George NooryAn Evening with George Noory: Special Q & A Session – George was personable and entertaining, but the questions were all over the map, as might be expected. Some wild stories. What I enjoyed was getting to know him better as a person. Here’s a quote re: ETS: “They’re either from other universes, other planetary systems in our universe, or they’re demonic, or they’re angelic, or they’re from Hollow Earth. All possible. I hope they’re from another planetary system because it would be so depressing if we we’re alone.” I know there are folks out there who don’t like George, but I found him warm and authentic.

Glenn Steckling – UFOs, ET Visitations & Adamski Revisited – Glenn Steckling is the Director of the George Adamski Foundation and an incredibly bright and well-informed man. His father Fred was a close family friend of George Adamski’s, and when Adamski died, he asked Fred to continue his work. Many people, in and out of the UFO field, have dismissed Adamski because he said his contacts were with Venusians and Martians, and our scientists tells us there is no life on those planets. However, other contactees have talked about an other-dimensional explanation, which makes sense to me. I also think underground civilizations may be another explanation. This is the first time I have heard Steckling speak, and I was very impressed. He is incredibly knowledgeable on the subject, and like Adamski, has suffered a lot of abuse. Still the photographic evidence, including movies, that he presented was excellent, and his first hand knowledge of Adamski was impressive and eye-opening.This was one of my favorite presentations and I highly recommend the DVD. Full of important personal, historical and technical information.

David Marler – Triangular UFOs; An Estimate of the Situation – Marler has done a superb job of combing the literature from NICAP, MUFON and CUFOS for information about Triangular UFOs, going back to the 50’s and from all over the world. His new book by this title is his first, but he is an impressive researcher and presenter, connecting repeated sightings of triangular craft in the same places, sometimes years apart. He is able to present a convincing case that while some may be our classified craft, many are not. He comes up with a number of common primary and secondary characteristics. Most people think the common shape for UFOs is a saucer, but he shows that triangular craft are actually reported more often. Wonderful to see someone taking advantage of the data that’s available and coming up with a lot of new information. Excellent presentation. This is the kind of research one would like to see the government doing. I’m sure they’re reading his book. Well worth having the DVD or the book for anyone seriously interested in the subject.

Panel Discussions:
“Is There a Government Cover-Up?” featuring Stephen Bassett, Timothy Good, Robert Powell and Colonel John Alexander. Saw most of this. Alexander maintains there is no cover-up, that UFOs do exist but there was no crash at Roswell. He also maintains that the govt. information is out there and available but most people just aren’t interested. Most consider him a disinformation agent. Made for an interesting panel with other members so well informed on the evidence. I had heard Alexander before, so didn’t attend his talk this year. Some people were unhappy that he was a speaker.

“Science and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life” Featuring Richard Hoover, Jeffrey Bennett and Ted Peters – I missed this panel.

“Abductions and Alien Contact” – Featuring Kim Carlsberg, Mike Clelland, and Kewaunee Lapseritis – I saw most of this “Q &A” panel and enjoyed it very much. Many questions about the spiritual aspects of the phenomenon, and excellent responses. Someone asked “Are there ‘bad’ aliens.” Nuanced answers. Kewaunee related some experiences he’s had with negative entities.

Again, I encourage people to purchase the DVDs and show them to friends and family. The information is out there but it needs messengers willing to share it more widely.

Are there any “Evil” ETs?

Hi Carol – Thanks for your kind words. I’m going to copy Ann K in on this message because these are such important issues you raise, and Ann and I have both struggled mightily with these questions.

The only person at the conference who clearly said there are no “bad” ETs was Kim Carlsberg. I believe she was speaking from a non-dualistic point of view that sees all life as part of the One, and what we perceived in these dimensions as good and evil is because this is a dimension of polarity where beings can still choose whether to serve self, or serve the One. She said it’s all a matter of our perspective. (this was in that final panel.)

J.K. Scott (who runs the Film Festival) and I and many others were very upset that the Long Documentary and the People’s Choice award went to a film called “Watchers 7, Physical Evidence,” by Richard Shaw and L.A. Marzulli. It was by far the most polished and professionally made film of the paltry 6 films in the competition, and it had some excellent footage of Roger Leir’s implant research and the Citizen’s Hearings. However, it dwelled on David Jacobs belief that ETs are taking over the planet through the hybrid project, and on an interview with a Christian theologian whose name I did not know and do not remember but who teachers in some university in the east. His take is that the ETs are the fallen angels referred to in the Bible and basically that they are all bad. While I know this is not the view of many of the people interviewed in the film, the underlying “take-home” message was “Be afraid. Be very afraid.” I think many of the people who voted for it were just voting for its excellent videography and production without thinking too much about the message that will be sent out by endorsing it with awards from the International UFO Congress. J.K. was just sick about that, and I felt the same, and actively lobbied people on my concerns about giving it any awards. And I guess it is the case, that even at the IUFOC, there are people who think of the ETs as a significant threat.

That said, I have really been paying attention to this subject, and beyond the disinformation and misinformation, there is also great agreement among contactees that there are negative ETs. These sources include:

Phyllis Schlemmer who trance-channeled the Council of Nine with the assistance of Andrija Puharich. Stuart Holroyd’s book, “The Nine:Briefing from Deep Space” is an excellent summary of how Phyllis came to trance channel “The Nine” and the planetary preservation work they colarborated in. There were times when the negative entities actively interfered with the transmissions or her ability to access them. They also referred to the battles they were fighting in the Middle East with the dark forces, while Phyllis and Puharich et al were there following their instructions for directed meditation or physical interventions to foil the plans of these negative entities.

Ed Grimsley, who uses his IR night-vision binoculars has videos of spacecraft shooting at spacecraft in the night skies. While these could be spacecraft created by humans in our classified programs and engaging in ongoing wars with the ETs, I find that harder to believe than that there are ETs doing battle in our skies. I certainly believe we have shot at them, and have lost a number of planes as a result, but that we are already engaged in space wars in vehicles that can only be perceived in the IR spectrum seems beyond our technical capabilities.

Enrique Rincon Castillo wrote in his book “UFOs: A Great New Dawn for Humanity,” that while many of the ETs are highly spiritually advanced and here to help, that is not true for all. He also talks about how controversial this was in his UFO study group, because people wanted to believe they were all good. However, he was the primary contactee, and this was his conclusion after repeated contact, primarily with Pleiadians.

All the witnesses/contactees from the Amicizia Case in Italy report how this collaboration of benevolent ETS from all the Galaxy and maybe beyond, talked about the problems with the CTRs, or negative ETs working here on Earth to undermine their efforts, including sowing seeds of distrust in the humans against the positive ETS. They talked about their clones, which sounded like some of the Men In Black stories. I think it is possible these CTRs might work in collusion with self-serving humans, but I think there were clear indications these beings were not all from here.

Channeled messages from the Artcturians, via Patricia Pereira and Norma Milanovich also talk about the negative agendas of some of the ETs.

Alex Collier, long time Andromedan contactee talks at length about the Draconians and the wars that have been fought in space with them and how they have been on the planet a long time in underground cities, which jives with Phil Schneider’s amazing story of encountering hostile beings in underground excavations at Dulce.

Credo Mutwa, Zulu shaman in Africa, reports on his encounters with negative ETs and how he believes they are behind many of the corrupt and barbaric leaders who have created so much human suffering in Africa. There are reports (I read it on Fred Burks site, <>) that wealthy Ugandan businessmen were buying children for use in blood sacrifices to further their career. Mutwa talked about such practices when he was interviewed by David Icke.

I have a contactee here in MT who says he was taken by enlightened beings and shown and taught many things about the nature of reality and the universe, and I’m convinced that something amazing happened to him, though not sure exactly what. I think that his ETs were inter-dimensional beings, and possibly celestial, not having or ever having had any kind of physical body. He also cautions about the trickery and power of the negative beings.

There are others, but I will stop there. While I do believe there are people in power who want us to believe all ETs are bad and circulate mis and disinformation to convince the masses this is true, I also do not believe there are no “bad” ETs, at least not in 3D where there is still polarity. The Ra Material (Law of One books) says that those who chose to serve self can even go on to the 4th dimension, though my understanding was that they will not be in the same place as those who choose to serve the Whole. They will have to live with others who have chosen to serve self, and learn the lessons. If I remember correctly, no one ascends to the 5th dimension without having learned the lesson of Oneness.

I think it’s possible, and because I believe my beliefs contribute to what materializes, I choose to believe that we are in a time where the Earth is progressing to a higher spiritual awareness. I believe great numbers of highly benevolent beings, extraterrestrial and extradimensional, are with us at this time to assist us in this transformation, and possibly to nullify the actions of the negative entities, – human, ET and astral. Ultimately, I believe this journey is about discovering the multidimensional nature of reality, which includes negative beings from other dimensions as well as this one.

I work to help allay people’s fears, and to inform that we have so much to gain from peaceful relations with benevolent aliens. I also tell people about the possibility of a faked alien invasion. I think we are called upon to exercise great discernment and courage as we take steps toward becoming part of the greater Galactic community.

With Respect and Love,


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