About that Fricking Exxon CEO’s N(fracking)IMBY . . .

rex_tillersonSo glad that this story of hilarious hellish hypocrisy in high places has gone viral.

What especially strikes me is that Rex Tillerson doesn’t mind the health and environmental impacts. In fact his lawyer doesn’t even mention them. Nor does he mind the “noise, traffic and actual fracking.” But lower his property values? Ye gods, can’t let that happen. Exxon pays Tellerson $43 million per year.

“Tillerson’s lawyer claims the noise, traffic, and actual fracking does not bother the ExxonMobil CEO, stating that it is the possible depreciation of his $5 million property in Bartonville, Texas that he is worried about.”

The nearly 15-story water tower would be next to an 83-acre horse ranch Tillerson and his wife own and a short distance away from their 18-acre homestead.

Regarding money, how much is enough? To an addict, there is no such thing as enough. Tillerson’s deeply pathological attitude reminds me of the young Wall Street trader who actually managed to wake up from this sick “money is the bottom line” assumption that fuels the engine of our soul-killing ecocidal culture and which I imagine none of us is completely free of.

For the love of money

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