Ukraine: Bloodied human faces in undeclared geopolitical wars

For what’s at stake, see this geopolitical map of Ukraine.

Question: Is Ukraine the new Syria?

businessinsider, via Fred

Photos from the Battered Heart of Ukraine


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  1. Stephen Hale says:

    Thanks Ann for posting. I have also been thinking about how Syria and Ukraine might be similar. My understanding of the two conflicts is at best partial but a couple of things do stand out. First, both conflicts exist in the context of post cold war Russia versus US/NATO/EU tension. Also, both conflicts involve cultural, religious and political differences that go back decades if not centuries. There is another set of parallels I have looked for but not yet found. In Syria, the conflict can be seen as a struggle over resources. Syrian population has been rising very fast due in part to the presence of about 1 million Iraqi refugees. Also, Syria has been experiencing a very severe drought. The result of all this has been the displacement of a lot of people from the countryside to cities. The Syrian government has not been able to meet the needs of this situation. Ukraine on the other hand has a population that has been shrinking slightly. Ukraine is considered to be relatively rich in natural resources however fossil fuels must be imported which has resulted in trade imbalances and a devaluation of Ukraine’s currency. Ukraine could be in a similar situation as Greece. Not sure how important this last point is but parts of northeastern Ukraine were contaminated by Chernobyl and food production has been reduced. I think it is important to understand how competition for resources is creating these conflicts. Whether we like it or not we are also competitors for the same resources.

  2. Mud wrestling with the Right Wing:

    I’ve been trying to follow this Ukrainian riot, looking for similarities that could occur right here in the US as a result of Col. Harry Riley’s “Patriot’s Call” for “Mass Encampments” without permits, in Washington DC. May 16th. This “Scoundrel Media War on Ukraine” a summary by David Lendmen, on “2012, What’s The Real Truth”, seems to offer reasonable insight: .

    Evidence the CIA is funding the rebels falls into a business-as-usual pattern of recognition. Notice the entire production, the whole tragic affair where this “rebellion is staged” is contained inside the central plaza, downtown Kiev. Notice also how relatively sparsely attended this staged affair actually is. In other words it’s much different than Egypt’s Arab Spring of millions composed of multiple political subgroups living side by side in unified protest against a democratically elected Morsi who began a swift undemocratic concentration of powers into his hands immediately upon his election. It appears Kiev has a mere handful of violent protesters. That’s a big clue the violence is probably started by hired agent provocateurs. It’s the ideal set-up for effect. So I give credibility to David Lendman’s summary linked above.

    Yet my real concern is Washington DC, May 16th and following. Col. Riley’s Right Wing evangelical Christian church leaders giving meaning and purpose to the vision-induced, former NSA operative, Col. Riley. His vision is to replicate Arab Spring in his militarized “Operation” American Spring (OAS). Col. Riley’s “bathed in prayer” movement to upload so many (10-million minimum) Encampers to the Capital Mall, in nonviolent protest, without permits, with at least 1-million remaining in the Capital Mall long term with no exit plan (OAS wants mass resignations) seems to me to be an NSA set up, for a Kiev-like Production.

    OAS appears it’s being used by NSA: My next to useless comments within the group, calling for outreach to a broader political base all fall on deaf ears within OAS. My words receive scathing attack by OAS’s main body.

    So I remove the gloves and mix it up with the help of Exopermaculture’s video post of James Corbett.
    My Comments posted here:

    “Right wing religious leaders, no where to be found on the front lines of Occupy Wall Street, now descend upon the scene and emerge in Washington with some touting end-times prophecies holding what appear to be Bibles between them and the cameras. Suddenly, the identical causes raised by Occupy, seem new and fresh and relevant to The OAS Movement’s religious leaders who formerly expressed only contempt for the rabble they and their congregations called Occupy….the irony of truth (James Corbett)

    falling completely outside their awareness or concern. It’s only relevant now for sermons to be shaped and appended to these causes. The righteous produce martyrs, but the rabble produce only criminals, separated by a wall of fear carefully kept in place. READ MORE>>>>

  3. ohnwentsya says:

    Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you for sharing this. I hope my readers will click thru and read the comments on this as well. I really wish the 1% could be forced to stop using innocent people as pawns. Or at the least that the majority would become aware of the games between rival 1% factions that are destroying ordinary people’s lives and communities from Ukraine and Syria to Libya, Columbia, Venezuela and many countries in Africa as well as the obvious Iraq and Afghanistan.
    We are ALL worth more than their damn bottom line externality horseshit.

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