Recent Karen Hudes Interview

I don’t know how much to “believe” here. But undeniably interesting. Like Ben Fulford, David Wilcock, and Neil Keenan, whistleblower Karen Hudes, for 21 years “General Counsel at the World Bank,” discusses huge stores of gold that, she says, are being “held back.” Points finger at connection between City of London and Vatican, says U.S. taxpayer money is routed through them. Seems to know a great deal about “who really runs the world,” about who killed Kennedy (and Lincoln) and why, etc. Refers to some kind of “game theory” that shows the people are “winning” the war against the banksters, due to all the whistleblowing. Very sure of her own opinions — on any subject.

via projectcamelot.

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3 Responses to Recent Karen Hudes Interview

  1. i love karen hudes. she is so confident and everything she says appear to be real. Neil keenan and others give her a bad rap at times but she has a good heart as well as a strong mind.

  2. it is too bad this interviewer can’t follow through with some more intelligent questions.

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