John Lamb Lash: On Gnostics, Archons, David Icke, Reptilians, the Annunaki, and Serpentine Power

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If you are someone who has entertained (or perhaps we could say “been entrained by”) David Icke and others’ view of “reptilians” as being mixed up with the origins of the human race, this article, by John Lamb Lash (who wrote Not In HIs Image: Gnostic Vision, Sacred Ecology, and The Future of Belief, a book that, frankly, when I finally made myself read it, changed my worldview), might be of extreme interest. For me, reading this article’s long, involved, and subtle argument as to Icke’s (and others’) possible and most likely inadvertent conflation of “reptilian” with “serpentine,” and the resulting, deeply unfortunate, mixup — was an utterly fitting way to begin this three-week Neptune-infused Mercury retrograde cycle, since I admit I myself have been entrained by this reptilian theory. So to loosen its moorings, to actually watch the “reptilian” aspect of the creation myth I absorbed wash away in a Piscean tide of unknowing, feels pretty damn good!

The first part of the article includes a summation of some of Lash’s research on the gnostics, and the archons, as presented in the above book. Even if you don’t get to the rest of the article, it’s extremely worthwhile to read about these hoaxers, these mimickers of the real, these AI bullshit producers that, again, he claims, after deep and involved research into ancient writings, have entrained, even entranced humanity for so long, until now.

I say, BE GONE, foul bots!


Who wrote the reptilian agenda?

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  1. Dear Ann. In just a few words. You can play the game over and over again. It can even be obvious that you win. The fact remains that you are playing a game. Every game has an end.With Love Frank

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