How Matt crashed the superbowl without a ticket

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To give this story even more context, note that this was not only Matt’s first Superbowl game, but his first ever professional football game!

What I loved most about this riveting 11-minute description of what led up to him grabbing that mike for 13 seconds, and why he said what he said when he finally got there, is how one thing just led to another. Matt Mills didn’t really have a game plan when he jumped on that first employee bus. And with each new move, he kept thinking, well that’s it, I can’t go further, I’m stopped — when suddenly, just then, another door would open, another opportunity present itself. . . Welcoming each one, giving in to the tidal rush, acting with each encounter, as if he had every right to be right there, this alert and informed young man demonstrates how to surf these turbulent times with verve and intense creativity.

At the end, Luke asks “What do you take away from this experience?”

His response? “”Go for it, bro. If you see the mike, grab it.”

The clanking mechanics of the Goliath security state are no match for billions of nimble Davids.

February 6, 2014

by Luke Rudkowski


In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews infamous Super Bowl crasher Matt Mills on the full story of how he was able to get through the “most heavily secured area in U.S sporting history”. Matt gives us all the details and full story from start to finish.

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