MONSANTO: “Because God just isn’t doing a good enough job.”

More and more, I’m thinking that the best way to point out the obvious is to ridicule it. Besides, hey, more fun!

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Published on Feb 3, 2014

Nature, friend or foe? For many this question may have an obvious answer, but at Monsanto, we ask you to look again.

Another rejected Super Bowl commercial from HLG Studios.

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MONSANTO GUY… Jonathan Slavin
AMERICA WOMAN…. Angela Gulner
SCREAMING MAN…. Danny Jacobs

Written and Directed by Yuri Baranovsky
Director of Photography… Justin Morrison
Edited by… Dashiell Reinhardt

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2 Responses to MONSANTO: “Because God just isn’t doing a good enough job.”

  1. queenvictrola says:

    In response the the headline—ABSOLUTELY, make fun of ’em. Keep the message short, make your point and be listened to….:)

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