Is recently discovered planetary body “Eris” involved in illuminati rituals?

I too, noticed this post from Jean Haines, was going to repost it, and am glad Laura Bruno commented further before I did! Very interesting, and made me, as an astrologer, look further into the symbology of Eris, the recently discovered planetoid or whatever you want to call it that is slightly larger than Pluto, has a 570 year cycle, has been in the sign of Aries since 1922, was discovered in 2005, and transits of and to which may be used to help focus and trigger ritualized cabalistic mind-controlling events such as the Katy Perry “witchy” scenario at the Grammys.

P.S. Can’t wait for part 2!

Here’s one astrologer’s view of Eris — which at one point was called Xena, as in “Warrior Princess.” (Also see Eric Francis, on the astrology of Eris.)

A Description of Eris

by Doug Walker

Rodin's Eris image

Rodin’s Eris


So how does Eris in astrology work? Eris is the feminine equivalent of Mars; it is the goddess of war. As the sister of Mars it represents the feminine side of aggression, of war, of assertiveness, of anger, of moving out into the world. Look at the female warrior, Bellona (the Latin name for Eris) as represented by Rodin, the French sculptor. This sculpture is a prophetic rendition of the female warrior. The woman of war is an archetype that has only recently been allowed to come into the earth plane on a mass level.

Thus the human race is experiencing a new awareness coming into its consciousness. In fact, the discovery of this planet will coincide with a growth and development of a deeper side of the feminine, which is a quality necessary, if humanity is to reach higher potentials.

If the Eris archetype is developed fully, humanity may never have to experience war again. The feminine Eris will balance the aggression of Mars. A well developed Eris archetype could banish all war. The ancient prophesy of swords turned into plowshares could be realized.

Eris the planet of course has always been in the solar system; it is one of the invisible outer planets, whose influence has been so powerful, like that of Pluto and Neptune and Uranus, but for ages unknown. When a planet is discovered by humanity, people discover new powers in themselves; thus, new responsibilities appear as gifts. Often they seem unbearable.

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