Who’s the real killer, sharks or humans?

Update 1/30/14. But see ksense comment, below. Is this chart bogus?

Shark attacks on humans per year. Human attacks on sharks per hour.

upworthy, via Megan.

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4 Responses to Who’s the real killer, sharks or humans?

  1. Morgan says:

    We Are short-sighted, self-centered monsters!

  2. ksense says:

    You DO realize that those numbers total about 100 million sharks per year, right? How many years retro are we supposed to go? This is totally bogus information. Math doesn’t lie, people with agendas do. I fully support the cause but using deception for the “WOW” factor is disgusting. Unfortunately most of us only react with emotion instead of thoughtfulness, as demonstrated above…… exactly the way it was designed. Remember Mark twain saying something about lies, damned lies and statistics?

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