Pete Seeger is our Pied Piper

Carl Boudreau, in his astrological forecast for February, calls upon an increased emphasis on grassroots activism inspired by ethical thinking and decision-making.

Focusing on a single energetic signature, that of a “minor grand trine” involving Mars in Libra (in Aquarian 11th house), sextile Moon in Sagittarius (in Aries first house), trine Sun/Mercury (Rx) in Aquarius (in Gemini 3rd house) — plus a number of attendant asteroids and a stabilizing Saturn in Scorpio, Boudreau foresees that the tables have finally turned, the trigger point has been reached in the ongoing Uranus/Pluto/Jupiter cardinal cross signature that has forced an eruption of r/evolutionary energy into the zeitgeist world-wide.

In this widening context, it’s interesting to notice how the death of Pete Seeger, one of the preeminent ethical/activist persons of this time in history, has affected individuals. Each of us, when contemplating events and Seeger’s responses to events, is offered a magnificently clear and brilliant mirror for us to view the journeys our own lives have taken. How many of us want to follow in his troubador wake? How many of us are now determined to cease our selfish, fearful meanderings and step onto his ever humble, insightful, generous, compassionate and creatively trodden path? How many of us want to help build the emotional, mental, and spiritual structures that will open the space for human and planetary flourishing?

I have a feeling that the death of this singular man at 94, following upon the heels of the recent death of another human icon, Nelson Mandela at 95, has already lit the match to ignite the human soul towards justice and harmony. May this upwelling response from us be their legacy.

Two personal reflections that I found particularly meaningful:

Harvey Wasserman: So long, Pete and Toshi Seeger, It’s Been Amazingly Great to Know You

John Nichols: This Man Surrounded hate and Forced It to Surrender

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