TV Review Department: Elias meets Ellen

Not sure how to react/respond to this undeniably “entertaining” clip. This kid obviously grew up with television, and perhaps, gaming? Anime? I notice this often in young boys β€” body and facial expressions that feel like a weird combination of hyped up, exaggerated mimicry (of reality) and, in his case, sudden, surprising, even shocking originality.

Goes further than even Russell Brand in the direction of . . . what? not sure? but I feel distinctly uncomfortable watching young “hyperactive” Elias “work” the always amazingly grounded Ellen.

BTW: He’s obviously a piano prodigy, though he plays this classical piece so hyperfast it’s more like braggadocio than revelation (complete with pans to audience, featuring surprised giant “O’s” of awe and delight on the mouths of beautiful young women . . .)

Ye gods. Is this the universe I live in?

I’d like to take this kid for a long walk in the woods. In silence. So he could come back home.

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