Billy Best, Who refused chemotherapy for cancer as a teenager: “There was just something in my heart that said go. So I took my skate board and I got on a Greyhound bus.”

Billy Best followed his own internal guidance and refused to continue with chemotherapy. Both Health Ranger Mike Adams’s story and the video below discuss his specific (natural, alternative) remedies. There are many others. The key to healing seems to be in the original decision: to follow your own truth, rather than obey dictates from the outside.

The amazing saga of a teenager who ran away from chemotherapy and beat cancer naturally

Let us remember that not all who are “healed” are “cured.” The soul may choose a particular dis-ease as its manner of exiting from the body. In that case, how can we not just come to terms with the soul’s choice, but how can we ease both gently and gratefully into this so-called “dying of the light” with full awareness? How can we utilize our approaching death as mentor for greater, deeper, further awakening? How can we appreciate and honor the “death” of our three dimensional body as birth into a larger dimension?

From my late husband Jeff’s exquisite library, I am currently absorbing a book Sri Aurobindo or The Adventure of Consciousness, by Sat Prem. Here’s a quote from p. 78 (hardback) that took my breath away.

“We protest against the apparently useless and arbitrary “catastrophes” which strike our heart and our flesh and we blame the “Enemy” but is it not possible that the soul itself — not the outward mind, but the spirit within has accepted and chosen these things as part of its development in order to get through the necessary experience at a rapid rate, to hew through, durchhauen, even at the risk or the cost of much damage to the outward life and the body? To the growing soul, to the spirit within us, may not difficulties, obstacles, attacks be a means of growth, added strength, enlarged experience, training for spiritual victory?

“The adversary will disappear, only when he is no longer necessary in the world. And we know very well that he is necessary — as the touchstone for gold, to find out if one is true.”

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