Geoff Lawton on urban permaculture: “The more restrictions, the more limitations you put on a design site, the more creative you become.”

Next door neighbor Rebecca and I are spending three or four winter evenings each week absorbing permaculture videos and reflecting on how we can apply what we’ve learned to these two properties as one living system. Two nights ago, we viewed videos on techniques for water catchment off roofs. (I’ve already had both roofs reguttered for 6″ gutters, and Rebecca has her eye on a white food grade 400 gallon tank that has been sitting in a downtown alley for two years. Might we buy this cheaply? She’s going to ask.)

The next videos we’ll watch, probably tomorrow evening, will concern overall design, strategy and pattern. Probably Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton.

Here’s Geoff Lawton designing a new permaculture system for a suburban house.

And here he strolls through an urban permaculture design that’s already up and humming with extraordinary diversity and beauty — on all levels — literally!

Imagine your entire suburban neighborhood as a living permaculture system. A “retrofit ecovillage.” Imagine how interesting and fun it will be to walk around, ask about this plant and that, talk with your neighbor about how they got a particular plant to flourish, ask about getting some of those tomatoes, giving your peppers in return, sharing tools and skills and conversation, showing children how to plant seeds, watch them run around and play and hide and pull fruit from low hanging branches . . . On and on, Paradise on Earth! It’s ours, but for the imagining.

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