Self-styled “lunatic” Joel Salatin, of Polyface Farms: “Every time we ask for a government solution in the marketplace, the big guys get badder and the little guys take it on the chin.”

Do. read. this. whole. thing! Salatin is one integrated, inspirited, utterly alive farmer, and this interview with him is guaranteed to make your blood boil, your heart race, and your will to live, truly live, wake up, dig in, get down, and DO IT, whatever it is that is yours to do.

18. What do you think would happen if all of the US boycotted fast food chains tomorrow?

They would laugh. But if we did it for two days, they would cry. By the third day, they would demand government protection. By the fourth day, they would beg for forgiveness. By the fifth day, they’d face bankruptcy. By the sixth day, we’d have a new food system. It took God 6 days to create the world. In 6 days, we could make the food system back like it was meant to be. No government action, no litigation, no courtrooms, no jet fuel, no lobbyists. That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout. Bring it on.

Interview with the Lunatic Farmer Joel Salatin

October 18, 2013

by Karen Pendergrass

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“I don’t trust anything from Vilsack or the USDA. That outfit has been demonizing truth for decades. If they had their way, Polyface would not exist. I don’t have time to fool with their chicanery. They have an agenda that is evil for this civilization and the sooner they get neutered the better. Yes, there is a time for anger. We’ve been gentle long enough, giving the benefit of the doubt, trying to play on the team. Forget it. The team is heading the wrong way and destroying the earth, our food, and our freedoms. I think the most important thing I can do to draw new farmers is to show them, by example, how to do it. If I’m sitting eating GMO-wheat cake with Vilsack, I’m not doing my best with my leadership example. He’s going one way and I’m going the other. Good riddance.”


“Finally, a word about urban food deserts to help drive the point home. What if a savvy culinary entrepreneur in a food desert turned a vacant lot into a garden, including aquaponics, rabbits, and chickens? Then this single mom of 4 children, let’s say, harvests the bounty and using her kitchen turns the production in quiche, heavy stews, and pot pies to sell to folks living in the same apartment complex. She wouldn’t have the first quiche out of the oven before half a dozen bureaucrats descended on her humble abode demanding businesses licenses, building permits, food safety licenses, occupational safety credentials and whatever else could be required in an opaque, segregated system. That such an opportunity is denied in these urban food deserts helps reveal that the real elitists in our culture are not the libertarians who propose such solutions, but the liberals who deny such liberty. More freedom almost never creates problems. More tyranny and government oversight has created far more problems than too much liberty.

Right now, our country does not have a viable local food system. Between the time in the 1940s when it still existed, and today, we have lost the knowledge, infrastructure, and integrated commerce that made it viable. Re-implementing all of these facets is a huge undertaking, and no less revolutionary than the experiment we now call industrial food. Re-introducing chickens with bones to the American kitchen is as revolutionary is extricating chickens with bones from the American kitchen. Re-discovering scratch cooking and the domestic larder will be as big a disruption in modern society as discovering TV dinners and supermarkets. The local food scene is where this cosmic shaking occurs and therefore where the war zone really is.”

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  1. ksense says:

    The consumer needs to realize that he/she has the power over every “big” industry. The time for being a victim is over. You could substitute any corporation in the first paragraph and it would unfold the same way.
    YOU ARE THE VALUE AND POWER. WAKE UP!!!!!!! No “package” or “new system” needed.

  2. Please spell my name correctly. It’s Karen Pendergrass*

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