Educate Ourselves Department: The American Parasite

This 29-minute video explores the history of the tangled web of corporate/governmental revolving door perfidy that continues to keep sugar and artificial sweeteners in processed (and “fast”) “natural” foods. Eating processed and fast food generates candida, a yeast in the digestive tract that craves sugar and artificial sweeteners. Feeding the addiction to sugar makes and keeps an estimated 80% of the U.S. population obese, lethargic, dispirited, insomniac, allergic, sick, and just plain sick and tired of life.

Doesn’t even touch the GMO question. Maybe that’s the next video? This one well done.

BTW: Where I grew up, in Twin Falls, the largest town within the Magic Valley of southern Idaho, the “sugar factory” (Amalgamated Sugar Co.) was (and is?) one of the biggest industries, processing sugar beets which, besides potatoes, dominated area farms wrestled from desert by irrigation with Snake River water. Those sugar factory silos were the biggest landmark around, and the strong smell, when the beets were processed in the fall, both familiar and sour.

Published on Jan 3, 2014

A parasite that uses your body as its personal feeding ground, taking over first your stomach, then your entire G.I. tract, forcing you to crave the foods it wants…while slowly destroying your body from the inside out. Governments are finally admitting that this is real. Measures have been proposed in New York and the country of Mexico to try and stop it.

See the whole video at:

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