YES to all explorations down rabbit holes and YES to the film “NO”!

Jean Haines has been promising a blockbuster post for a number of days now, and she delivered — to some extent. (Where is the mention of Eisenhower meeting with ETs? for example.) “Down the Rabbit Hole” connects lots of dots, most of which is not new to me or others who think in terms of patterns of understanding, but all of which, taken together, shine light in the darkest corners of the ET-technology- infected shadow government that runs us, and wants to run us into the ground, so to speak — and little does it know, but that’s where many of us feel most comfortable, on the ground, in communion with Mother Earth, as her antennae and stewards, helping to regenerate this 3D world by re-infusing spirit into matter.

Here’s the piece, and a big thank you to Jean as editor, and the author, Robert J. Miller, and oh, wow, she has just updated it to reflect contradictory ideas about radiation that resonate with what has recently appeared here and elsewhere.

I agree, the ET connection is key. (Attend a few UFO Congresses, and you surrender to this understanding.) And BTW: please check my friend Carol Rosin and former collaborator, her work with the rocket scientist Werner Von Braun. He told her on his deathbed that her job was to make sure they never weaponized space. Well, have they? The weapons that vaporized the World Trade Center may indeed be space-based. There’s no real way for us to know unless some whistleblower tells us.

Also, regarding the shadow government’s black ops programs, check out Fred Burks UFO section on, and Michael Salla’s books. He actually traced far far down one rabbit hole to discover just how enormous the black budget for ET/military projects is. And then there’s former defense minister of Canada, Paul Hellyer’s work, which is now coming into prominence. Here’s a recent interview with him on RT. Abby Martin of RT recently interviewed Disclosure Project’s Steven Greer as well.

A few days ago, I put up a post by John Lamb Lash who also cites Judy Woods as the only 9/11 theory that makes sense, and cites the A&E Truthers as controlled opposition. Lash doesn’t tie his findings into back-engineered ET technology, however. Also check out my question about the California Crop Circle.

And then there’s the whole radiation business, mentioned in Jean’s update. That’s just begging for more in-depth work, given the contradictory info that I and others have come across. Lots more recently on this blog about that. Just search “radiation.”

NO_150x221TPOkay. Meanwhile, last night, I watched a 2012 film that held me riveted all the way through. Couldn’t even get up to go pee and fix tea. “NO,” the story of the evolution of the marketing campaign to unseat a dictator, Pinochet, from the Chilean government in what was expected to be a fake yes or no plebiscite to “legitimate” his power. An astonishing task, impossible really; the “NO” team knew they were after a miracle, and it worked. Pinochet is the only dictator to ever have been taken down by a democratic process. BTW: Afterwards, check out the Q &A with the star, Rael Garcia Bernal.

This film echoes and resonates with the unification we can create despite the great diversity of We the People everywhere as our collective awareness of what has gone down and is going down continues to expand. We must allow miracles, expect miracles, and then work hard, day after day after day, to make them come true.

Just imagine, each of us doing our own small part, working with skill and enthusiasm at what we are really good at, what we love, tripping along the one path we were meant to follow during this most critical time for both humanity and this planet. Imagine us all, each doing his or her part, moving forward together. Sends chills up the spine, doesn’t it?! And just remember: your soul chose to be here now. Because it knows you are up to the task. Otherwise your soul would have begged off as not quite ready for such a momentous undertaking.

It’s time. Let’s go. Are you coming?

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