Was Flight 93 vaporized by a directed energy weapon? And if so, why it matters.

93_craterThis video, via Fred Burks of wanttoknow.info to his email list — about there being very little trace of Flight 93 except for a hole in the ground —makes me wonder, once again, about “directed energy weapons” possibly used at 9/11 for both the World Trade Center buildings and Flight 93; and if so, the possibility that humans already possess directed energy technology, which can be used for destruction or creation. If so, and if this technology was made a matter of public record, it would undercut the foundation of the oil and gas extraction industries. See John Lamb Lash, this post —

HOW DID THAT CALIFORNIA CROP CIRCLE GET MADE — and why this question matters

— where I tie in his and Judy Woods’ theory about 9/11 to the possibility that the recent California “crop circle” was also constructed with human made directed energy technology. Of course, that leaves open the question of whether or not humans back-engineered free energy technology from ETs, as Steven Greer and many, many others claim (and which I forgot to mention in the original article).

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