Zen Gardner: Disengage. Make it a discipline, a way of life.


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Staying Clear of Converging Catastrophes

January 11, 2014

by Zen Gardner


see_the_light_by_suicidekillsOne can only marvel in a macabre sort of way how all this is being perpetrated on humanity and our planet. To think some invasive force from some unknown realm is behind all of these ongoing engineered catastrophes is not the least bit preposterous. It’s certainly otherworldly from the human perspective.And it’s downright creepy.

Something or someone is out to cripple and kill off most of humanity. It’s as overt as it gets and continues to escalate. The quick list includes massive radiation, chemtrails, GMOs, EMFs, fluoride and other poisons in our water, fracking and other disastrous oil industry effects, tainted food, vaccines, the over drugging of society, and the imposition of limitations on personal liberties including farming our own food or collecting our own water.

Never mind a complicit media of limiting propaganda and the continued Orwellian police clampdown on the activity of humanity including militarized police and surveillance of every sort out the frikking wazoo.

But Don’t Worry…

There’s a pill for those concerns, and there’s a channel on TV that will assuage your conscience. Mind numbing is the name of their game. Watch some football, play some computer games, all is well. Just stay numb and you’ll be fine.

Such is the current controlling agenda. It’s aimed at everybody. And it’s seriously effective. Just look around you.

To not be alarmed is the balm of today’s society. If it feels good, it’s good. So anything disturbing gets shunted off into the mental trash bin. Very clever if you ask me. Challenge anything, from geoengineering to GMO foods to Zionism, you will be self-marginalized. A powerful social programming tactic indeed.

Disengage – With All That is Within You

The current projected social atmosphere is toxic. Extremely toxic. Even wade in it, never mind bathe, and you’ll be confused. From there you are fodder for the would-be Controllers. Easily guilted, manipulated, shamed and intimidated, you’ll follow their mindset.

Fear takes many forms and that’s what they do best. It’s simply a blast of intimidation to your spirit to keep you on the defensive and reacting according to the latest impulse.

But if you don’t tune in? Don’t even listen to it? Are not subjecting yourself to it?

They and their propaganda are powerless. Absolutely powerless.

Conclusion – The Good News

Disengage, disconnect, and decry their machinations. It’s time to stand as conscious, loving beings and stop imbibing their sewage. No matter how fascinating it may seem, no matter the glitter and glam and emotional appeal, walk away.

Make it a discipline. A way of life.

From this decontaminated space we can see clearly, act responsibly, and be free and happy, despite their assaults.

We’ll know what to do from there. Clearly we have very real physical challenges as well, but be it clear-headed activism and/or personal commitments to Truth and detachment, we are home free.

And home free we already are.

Don’t let the lies steal that knowledge from you.

Much love, Zen

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