HOW DID THAT CALIFORNIA CROP CIRCLE GET MADE? — and why this question matters


This morning I found myself listening to an intensely interesting podcast by John Lamb Lash, so interesting that I actually decided to listen to the whole thing (52 minutes) while doing yoga and chi kung.

In this presentation, Lash — whose book “Not In His Image” made a profound impression on me, once I finally surrendered to its message — connects 9/11 to crop circles, in the following way:

First, 9/11: according to Lash there were two powerful situations created on that day: first, the horrific physical destruction, and second the official narrative that accompanied it, which included a “controlled opposition” theory of “controlled demolition” mentioned by one newscaster, and then several years later brought into fuller consciousness by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and their theory of thermite demolition. The entire narrative, including both the hijacked airplane crash theory and the counter narrative of controlled demolition, Lash claims, should be considered a psy-op, with the aim to destroy human capacity to think. This is largely did.

CoverPage_blue_sLash discusses Dr. Judy Woods theory, as propounded in her book, “Where Did the Towers Go?”, that directed energy weapons that basically vaporized the towers as the only theory that makes sense. I agree, and have always wondered why there was such a tiny debris pile at the bottom where the towers had stood.

The point Lash is making is that 9/11 showed humanity that directed energy technology exists, that some humans have it, and that it can be used for either peaceful (free, non-polluting energy for everybody) purposes, or for the most destructive weapon ever.

If free energy technology does exist, then this is why 9/11 is so important: because it proves the existence of such technology, that it is in human hands. Whose hands? Those who, apparently, don’t want or can’t speak about what they know, either because they would lose the basis for their obscene profits and/or, lest they too, be assassinated or otherwise marginalized by the oil, gas and other energy industries that continue to destroy the planet and suck our human energies for profit and control.

Lash then segues to crop circles, and wonders if they too are made by humans who also have this free energy technology. He wants to assume that whoever is doing the crop circles is benevolent, and is trying to alert the rest of humanity to this technology in this manner. After all, he says, the beautiful patterns found in the crop circles are all known to humans, and have been for thousands of years. The fibonacci series is not new! Sacred geometry is not new! Why do we have to assume ET?

(In other words, Lash uses Occam’s Razor to slice off possibly extraneous assumptions that may not be needed to make sense of crop circles that, he claims, are not hoaxes but are human made.)

At the end, Lash issues a challenge to those he calls the “wizards” of free energy technology who he thinks are making the crop circles. Please give us a sign, he says, that this is what’s going on!

Lash’s video was made over two years ago, and put up just prior to the 10th anniversary of 9/11. My question: could the Salinas California “crop circle” orchestrated on the part of a a technology company as a marketing tool hold or at least point to the message Lash is looking for?

NVIDIA claims they hired a British company, “Team Satan,” with experience making crop circles. BUT THEY DO NOT SAY HOW THIS CIRCLE WAS MADE. Why not? And why is no one asking questions about how it was made, how long it took to make it, etc. Maybe this is an example of what Lash means when he says 9/11’s official narrative destroyed our capacity to think. For that question — how was the Salinas California crop circle made?— just doesn’t come up in any reports I’ve read.

Clearly, the instant extreme global interest shown in this particular crop circle could be an indication that We the People are gradually or suddenly taking off our rigid conceptual helmets and freeing ourselves up mentally; that we are preparing ourselves for the revelation of secret free energy technology that humans have had for a long time that can liberate ourselves from oppression and our planet from further destruction. It may even be the case that NVIDIA’s campaign for one of its products is actually part of this orchestration.

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  1. Rich Buckley says:

    ken sendo • 6 days ago −(posted on chip maker Nvidia official site)

    “… seem Nvidia had/has some astrology/astronomy adepts involved in the marketing project by including another mystery layer for the “truth-seekers”. adding 192 days to Dec 28 2013 brings us to July 8 2014. attached is heliocentric (sun-centered) chart for that coming period, showing Earth-Venus-Mars in the (approximate) mutual aspects of 1-9-2, Earth being largest, Venus second largest and Mars the smallest orb on the actual crop-circle ring.

    “clever-job! ”

    View :

  2. rose day says:

    Ann, my question is …who funded the highly professional aerial photos of the pattern? The entire scenario occurred in ‘warp’ time from the notice to the destruction of the circle and it would seem that aerial photos of such quality surely involve some sort of coordination and financial guarantee.

    I ask the question only because a pattern appears to have emerged whereby highly charged
    ‘incidents’ occur and the media often provides near instantaneous, high-quality coverage of a caliber not generally found in ‘by-stander’ photography and videography.

    I agree that shock and the attendant numbness can blind the masses to the truth of horrendous events yet feel that such a reaction may actually be sanity protective. What I am personally sensing is that as more and more people awaken from media ‘overkill’, a desire for truth will follow.

    • Yeah, glad you mentioned the part about how the whole thing was orchestrated hugely and then just as suddenly disappeared. And your point about numbness protecting sanity also well taken!

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