Each and every grain of sand reveals yet another new world.

And if each grain of sand is unique, is not each human being also unique?

You might want to also check out this, and this, and to google further, longer, youtube interviews with John Taylor Gatto, his views on cookie cutter, “common-core standards” schools: why he quit being a teacher in the public school system plus his research into the ancient origins and recent history of universal mandatory education for socializing youngsters into identical passive pawns to fill compartmentalized job slots of mechanized industrial society.

P.S. The Ringing Cedar book series offers a great antidote to this kind of mind control. I just finished book three, where John Taylor Gatto is mentioned in a footnote.

What happens when you magnify sand 250 times? Magic.

August 6, 2011

by Hurricanevanessa

sandgrains.com via Ben

This, from MMM, “Viewed at an astounding magnification of over 250 times, tiny grains of sand are surprisingly colorful and extremely unique. Each piece is either a fragment of crystals, spiral fragments of shells or crumbs of volcanic rock.”“To see these incredible images, Dr. Gary Greenberg goes through a painstakingly lengthy process. First he takes many photos from different points of focus. Then, he combines them using software to produce one spectacular image.”“It is incredible to think when you are walking on the beach you are standing on these tiny treasures,” says Greenberg.” Who would have thought that we’ve been walking on something so beautiful all along?”This is sand from Lake Winnebigoshish (really, that is it’s name,) in Minnesota.

Dr Greenberg has authored a book, called “A grain of sand – Nature’s Secret wonder.”

Sand from Fanore Ireland.

Pretty pretty.

Discover more via Sandgrains.com

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