Transcription of New Cobra Interview with Alexandra Meadors

— in which he seems to be mostly putting out a lot of fires based on fear-porn rumors that race through the internet. For that, I’m grateful. Meanwhile, what struck me most from this interview, which I listened to last night, was the interviewer, Alexandra Meadors, saying that she was one of the people who, in the ’90s, waited around for a prosperity package to arrive, and it never did. And that she knew lots of people who were doing this, waiting, waiting, waiting for something that never materialized, meanwhile losing families, homes, jobs. It’s almost like the gambler, with his addiction, hoping for a break! This was during the talk about the Iraqi Dinar, which lots of “light workers” seem to be clutching now, hoping for a “re-val.” But see this —

Is Dinar-Land La-La Land?

— for a more jaundiced view.

For my own part, I really do want to stick to be-ing, right here and now, cultivating equanimity through various spiritual practices while sharing love and helping to model and stimulate transformation locally via permacultural presence and action. I gave up the notion of “rescue” when I let go of Big Daddy God. And that was quite some time ago!

On the other hand, I have a feeling Cobra is correct when he says that if it weren’t for the ETs, this planet would no longer be inhabited. Certainly, I sense with every fiber in me that they have prevented (usually accidental) nuclear war on a number of occasions. See Robert Hastings work with “Nukes and UFOs.” Cobra, and others, say that they are also helping now, to reduce contamination from Fukushima, chem trails and other pollution.

Here’s the transcript of the interview. I don’t recommend listening to the audio, as his voice is masked, as usual. On the other hand, you can get a feeling for who he is by listening, and that is valuable.

Cobra and Alexandra Meadors Transcription for January 7, 2014

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  1. ohnwentsya says:

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    Thank you Jean! I agree things are happening on multiple interpenetrating levels. What we do internally and externally affects other levels and vice versa.

    There is no free ride, rescue etc but there is always more to anything that that which is easily seen.

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