Department of Waking Up: Annie Ominous: “Just Trust Us”

It may be that this terrific little video is the easiest and catchiest way to jolt those still preferring to stay asleep . . .

I found the video thanks to a comment by Queen Victrola, re: the civilian(?) industries sucking off the bloated military:

Tom Englehardt at Tomdispatch dot com says we spend at least 1.2 Trillion/year. Annie Ominous in her youtube video, Just Trust Us! cites that fact. We are paying through the nose to have our rights violated! offnow dot org wants to nullify the NSA. We need to get creative like Annie Ominous and the offnow group and push back. We are infinitely powerful beings of light!

Oh wow, and do check out the off site. Extraordinary! Thanks again, Victrola!

P.S., in reference to the same sucking article, I also received a private email from a woman who mentioned that she discovered there were over 600 firms in Dayton Ohio alone with defense contractor clients, and that people who have lived there 40-50 years have no idea!

I guess the most likely reason people want to stay asleep is that they don’t want to bite off the hand that feeds them.

For example, when I mention the unholy alliance between Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center and Indiana University I receive nothing but blank stares from people who work at the university.

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