One reader’s review of and commentary on The Vatican Holocaust Series

vatican-cityThanks very much to reader Rose for carefully and thoroughly pouring through this “god-awful” material and reporting back to us. And thanks to the jhaines6 site where we originally discovered it.


The Vatican Holocaust Series takes a look at some of the darkest periods in history and makes a convincing case for centuries-old Vatican influence in world affairs via the Jesuits. (…spoiler alert; the Series can be a ‘hard’ read.)

The Jesuits have apparently perfected techniques for mind-control and mass-manipulation, so phenomenally effective, that any attempt to go up against such can be likened to ‘boxing blind’…one may get in a few lucky punches but the Jesuits are generally standing at the final bell.

The modus-operandi features a covert sublimation of regional culture whereby locals who exhibit leadership skills are identified and manipulated psychologically into the Jesuit mold (using ‘sure-fire’ techniques that ‘mine’ the ego inherent in charisma)…the goal being control as the locals play ‘follow the leader’ and the manipulators remain undetected.

There is ‘light’ at the end of this tunnel.

The ultimate goal appears to be creation of a world in which all inhabitants are exactly ‘alike’, a tenet that has made America especially challenging to the ‘New World Order’ as the USA is a nation of unity despite significant regional differences and as such, exists as a world-wide beacon honoring diversity.

Diversity is absolute anathema to the manipulating mindset and it would follow that the championing of diversity can be a powerful tool in short-circuiting any and all controller ‘grids’.

The Vatican Holocaust

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  1. Rich Buckley says:

    And yet they seem not to hold sway over the Stanford Marching (?) Band!

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