Storied constitutional lawyer Daniel Sheehan tells his story as it intersects with U.S. history

Daniel Sheehan presented at one of the UFO Congresses I attended, and is always well worth listening to, since beginning with the Pentagon Papers, his life and passion and logic have been so long intertwined with major undisclosed or disguised or denied events in U.S. history. You might want to get his recent book, The People’s Advocate: The Life and Legal Times of America’s Most Fearless Public Interest Lawyer.

I haven’t watched this yet, but will; am planning to hole up on the couch this extremely cold (-10°) afternoon with both UFO (the Above) and permaculture (the Below) videos.

P.S. Sheehan says “it’s our job to be ambassadors to galactic civilizations, to demonstrate that we’re worthy of being included!”

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