Stoned report on stoners first day in world’s first truly “Mile-High” city

I had to refer you to this (too many inside urls to put up the whole thing here). This report is too hilarious for words and if you live in Washington or Colorado, be sure to light up first. Lots of EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!! YEAH!

I mean, what were they (the cabal) thinking, when they let this r/evolution unroll? Guaranteed to defragment the hard drive, deprogram the mind, leave us loose and free and right here, right now, ready to roll. Not just reefers, but roll out the new world.

Okay, Colorado! Get all the cabalists and banksters and highway cops and politicians stoned, mix it up. Shake it up and let it go. It will self-organize into something wild and original, a decentralized, down-sized, Earth-based society that takes us back to our origins, lands us into our bodies, grounded into this glorious blue planet spinning lazily through the cosmos in tune with all her sister and brother planets and sun and stars and galaxies. No end to mystery. No end to beauty. An endless fantastical unrolling of the glorious play of creation.

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