About that recent, elaborate, circuit-board-like — morse-coded? braille-messaged? — instantly viral, quickly guarded and then erased, California “crop circle” . . .

WPTV-Crop-Circle_20140102075136_640_480I mean, who knows what’s true and what not? And why?

Here’s one point of view (read comments, too)

Crop Circle Sensational Hoax Updated

Another, a detailed description and incomplete analysis by Linda Moulton Howe, a serious investigator and author well-known in UFO circles. Her report is in two parts. Here’s the first one:

Updated Part 1: California “Intricate Grass Pattern Is Real,”
Says Field Researcher.

And the second one:

Part 2: Chualar Grass Pattern’s Mysterious Braille 192 and Morse CodePattern Was Ordered Plowed Under On Dec. 31st by
Unidentified Agent Known to Echelon Security.

I do wonder, as a Scorpio friend of mine asks, “Who the hell is Echelon Security??!?” and I might add, who the hell is the “agency” that hired Echelon Security? And why is it so hard to find out who really owns the field? And how come this crop circle got such wide attention so quickly, and was plowed under equally quickly? Oooo, and there’s even a possible Monsatan connection . . .

Is this figure-in-a-field a psy-op false flag designed to distract and discredit the possibility of ET-created crop circles, and if so, WHO DID IT (and what’s next?).

Discernment especially tricky in a climactic time when 3D seems to be gradually dissolving. Reminds me of the time, way back when, in 1973, during my oral examination for the Ph.D. dissertation, I was asked, “Why do you say that ‘the line between fiction and fact is very fine’?” The tone was mocking. I doubt it would be now.

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