Are our thoughts, and our music, our own?

I saw a Democracy Now headline recently that talks about Assange speaking to the Chaos Communication Congress about hackers uniting against the NSA and you know what went through my mind? I wondered if Assange was (wittingly or not) controlled opposition, i.e., being used to gather all the unruly hackers together in order to somehow defang them. How? Buy them off? Secretly insert them into the system? Enlarge the system with their “help”?

Sibel Edmonds, of boiling frog post, thinks Glenn Greenwald has been bought by Pierre Omidyar “for 250 million dollars.” True? She also talks about our insatiable need for heroes as our downfall. Wow! Yes!

Here’s a fascinating 50 minute interview with a young man who specializes in how music and drugs are used to mind control the populace. Ever wonder why some good musicians “make it,” and some don’t? Why some die young or inexplicably drop out from view? Why the ones who do “make it” seemed more and more “canned”?

Ever since I read Trance Formation of America, I’ve been aware of how secret “controllers” can change living people into abject slaves for nefarious purposes by creating “alters” (separate personalities) through trauma-based conditioning — without the victims even knowing it. (They are typically from military families, and brought into the program as children.) Even so, every time I hear about yet another way that we are being manipulated, I experience shock.

You’d think I’d get used to it. I’m glad I don’t.

BTW: also check out Roseanne Barr on the subject of Hollywood and mind control.

CIA Social Control Through Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll

December 30, 2013

21st Century Wire, via galacticfreepress, via Rose

(Police photo: A young Jim Morrison)

It’s more than just an urban legend now, the story of how the CIA created the “Hippie Movement”, and introduced the counter-culture via the Laurel Canyon scene in Los Angeles.

Links with with the underworld of organized crime and the mob, this is about well-established channels involving drug dealing and distribution, murder, prostitution, child pornography, snuff movies and black magic — all part of a system of control and manipulation of high-profile personalities — a system which still thrives to this day…

Neil Sanders author of “Your Thoughts are Not Your Own”

Brasscheck TV

A surprising number of rock and roll stars of the ’60s came from military and military intelligence families.

For example, the father of the Doors Jim Morrison was the chief naval officer involved in the manufactured Gulf of Tonkin Incident that led to the Vietnam War.

And then the artists started dying like flies: Jim Morrison, Jim Hendrix, Janis Joplin and many others.

As for LSD, the military and the CIA had been playing with it extensively since the 1950s. Then they unleashed their supply on the youth culture with a well orchestrated promotional media campaign worthy of Madison Avenue via agents like federally-funded Harvard Professor Timothy Leary and former (?) Army Intelligence officer and crypto-fascist Stewart Brand (“Mr Whole Earth.”)

It’s literally true that the roots of the drug culture and rock and roll are in the Pentagon and Langley.

Why did they do it?

To disrupt the anti-war campaign.

As any peace activist active in the early pre-LSD 60s will tell you, the introduction of hallucinogens shattered the energetic and broad based Bay Area peace movement. The Pentagon boys needed bodies and they didn’t want an effective peace movement to get in their way of getting them.

If you attribute the murders of JFK, RFK and Martin Luther King to their opposition to a US war in Vietnam (and there is good reason to), then a little cultural monkey-wrenching is lightweight stuff in comparison…

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  1. laurabruno says:

    Assange is anti-9/11 truth, so I’m sure he’s controlled opposition. He still says some good things, but if you notice, he never exposes certain things. Ever. As my friend, Tim, says, “Controlled opposition is still opposition.” Just recognize it and use it for what it’s worth. 🙂

  2. Joy Shayne Laughter says:

    If the PTW wanted to control society through psychoactive drugs, it didn’t work out too well, did it?

    • laurabruno says:

      It worked amazingly well if you also consider Prozac and all its ilk as psychoactive drugs, not to mention fluoridated water. The Zombie Apocalypse has been upon us for many years. ADHD is supposedly an epidemic, complete with required medication for 11% or more of our creative, intelligent kids who see through the programming, even though the inventor of ADHD admitted it was a bogus illness. This rabbit hole goes much deeper than LSD, but most people are too stoned to notice there’s a rabbit hole or even to care if they accidentally realize they’re in one.. 🙂

  3. rose day says:

    Ann, this goes beyond co-opting a movement. At the most essential level what we have experienced and continue to experience is a manipulation of the frequency of what we ‘hear’…
    both recorded and broadcast.

    Those with ‘pitch-perfect’ hearing discerned this dissonance from the get-go but were effectively ‘marginalized’ and the masses accept the present frequencies as ‘normal’.

    This paradigm of control is in a realm that is near impossible to explain and therein lies the ultimate
    power as we are bombarded by ‘sound’ constantly…rendering the ‘sound of silence’ almost

    I am going to go out on the ‘pollyanna’ limb and suggest that we humans sense this subversion (if only at the most primal level) and in a nod to the ‘survival of the species’ paradigm, we will ultimately reject that which is not life-sustaining.

  4. rose day says:

    Hi Laura,

    You are probably aware that frequency is ranked in hertz (Hz) or cycles per second. (Wikipedia
    offers a good ‘Hertz 101’ and another great source of basic info can be found on the Indiana
    University website…entitled, ‘What is frequency?’.)

    The myriad ways in which frequency can be manipulated (in both positive and negative applications) is accessible via an internet search which yields a treasure trove of info. ..the
    ‘plow-through’ of which requires considerable personal discernment…always a catch (smile).

    I think your question to me may be a matter of the semantics of modification vs manipulation and I
    totally agree with your assertion that organic modification is a controller goal. However, I personally feel that manipulation of frequency is presently a totally ‘done-deal’.

    I honestly believe that we will eventually manage this paradigm for the greater good. The challenge
    as I see it, is how to make this information available in easily understood terms.

    You and Ann and the many, many other such providers of the ever-expanding knowledge that
    enables us to ‘see’ things from new perspectives are the vanguard. Thanks much!

  5. laurabruno says:

    Yes, semantics … sorry about that. I’m not always the most articulate in the technical areas, but I see you got my general point, regardless. Some of us are reclaiming whatever we can. Eventually, that will have a larger effect. Or not. I’m inclined to believe it will. Blessings!

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