2014: The one question that counts, “Evolution or Extinction?”

Here’s another year-end piece from Augureye.blogspot.com. I tried to repost, but the wonderful images and videos didn’t come over. Please go to the original. The title says it all, asks the one question that, until we have addressed it, trivializes all other concerns.

Either we choose to evolve, or we recognize that it is too late, that we are headed for extinction no matter what we do. In that case, I say, let us prepare, and in a sacred manner, for that eventuality.

Ironically, or is it poignantly?, it may be that internalizing the idea of possible human extinction offers the golden key to evolution, in that only as we encounter and begin to process our profound grief over the loss of all that we hold dear, will we wake up to the preciousness of Life on Earth.

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  1. This idea of human metamorphosis is NOT REALLY A CHOICE AT ALL. This IS the evolutionary momentum for the entire human race shifting into a hyper-dimensional planetary interface. With our conscious awareness engaged upon it, we can determine what types of adjustments are needed in this rather intricate process and to better serve those around us. We have some exciting revelations to share…http://childrenofthesun.org/2013/12/09/prepare-for-atomic-mutation/

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