Carl Boudreau: Astrology for January 2014: We are heading into a subtle, complex evolutionary process. A bend in the road.

“January’s chart adds to the series of charts that seem too good to be true. January’s chart is even more surprising than December’s.”

From my notes:

“A movement away from the eternal tug-of-war between the 1% and the 99%. Not a replacement of a tyranny of the minority with a tyranny of the majority. No. We are talking about an authentic balance, a sharing of power among everyone. . .

“The configuration is complex, both a difficult grand cross and a supportive kite.

Grand Cross:

“The grand cross part of the structure is in both cardinal signs and cardinal (angular) houses, placed right where it can do the most damage. It throws a monkey wrench into the vertical power axis. . .”

“The scaffolding, our identity and relationships, the armature of our lives — are crumbling, they simply aren’t working anymore. The issues are going to be familiar, how do we house ourselves, feed our children, deal with power and relationships, get our fair share?

“Existing arrangements aren’t going to work anymore. But prevailing attitudes are going to block changes. I.e., gridlock.


“The kite supports, allows, enables, the changes that are all but mandated, made inevitable by the grand cross. But this does not translate into top/down mandate; individual members of a community, at the grass roots, will provide the flexibility needed, based on needs and preferences. The emergence of a new paradigm. The kite symbolizes multifaceted, coordinated adjustments that will translate into solutions that authorities at higher government levels can synergize with, join in, and utilize.”

“A very complex, multileveled, nuanced, inclusive, community dialogue.

“An evolutionary archetype playing out, not a confrontational revolutionary one.”

Nice. This guy is GOOD. An unusually subtle and complex mind parsing unusually subtle, complex dynamics!

However, his final remarks may indicate that Boudreau has not yet seen the necessity of a transformation from growth economics to steady state economics. . .

Right in line with his analysis of grassroots as key, see

Can We Create a Network of 100 Sharing Cities by 2015?

Published on Dec 18, 2013

January’s video is another surprisingly supportive chart. It is supportive to a surprising degree and in an unexpected way. It creates a hurdle in our individual and collective lives, but it offers a novel and truly transformative way to get over this hurdle, one that moves us all toward a new paradigm.

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