Cobra’s report on December 21st meditation: “partial success”

Hmmm. Well, all I can say is that for me personally, these days since the Solstice, and even before, starting with my 71st birthday on december 19th have been resoundingly energizing and equilibrating, both! Perhaps for the first time ever, I feel a real stabilization of a new frequency within myself. Will it “last”? Who knows? In any case, it does feel as if “The Event” is resounding continuously inside me. Like a peeling bell, rejoicing. Any others feel that way?

I sense that my daily practices — walking, yoga, chi kung, tai chi, plus a near- continuous state of meditation — have helped immensely to funnel the intense ascending/descending energies of this exciting Uranus/Pluto time to fill and continuously replenish my physical/emotional/mental/spiritual bodies so that I may continue to gift my full nature to the world. Nothing comes “by itself.” R/evolutionary development within at least this one self does not come by itself, but is the fruit of endless, wordless practice, a matter of learning how to lassoo chaos from this galloping Sagittarian horse!

Return To Innocence Activation Report

December 25, 2013

by Cobra


Our Return to Innocence activation was a partial success. Although the critical mass on the surface of the planet has not been reached, we have still managed to anchor a lot of energy of innocence into the planetary energy grid. This will help dissolving the Matrix in the near future.

Our core group in Glastonbury was extremely successful, fully anchoring the energy into the Glastonbury vortex and transmitting it into the etheric planetary energy grid through the leylines. Instead of heavy stormy weather which was forecast, we created this:

Just before the activation we have been guided to visit a subterranean energy vortex in Glastonbury and it was a very special experience. That spot is one of entrances into subterranean tunnels and while we gathered around the sacred pool, we were being discreetly watched and blessed by the Resistance.

Although the window of opportunity has closed today, we have collectively managed to raise the vibrational frequency of the planet significantly with all the portals we have opened in the past. This means that the Event can now also happen anytime between windows of opportunity and the next window of opportunity in spring next year means only an increased probability for the Event, which can happen before that, then, or after. The Light forces are doing everything to prepare the surface conditions for the Event so that it can happen as soon as possible.

More details about the planetary situation and the Event are coming in my next update.

Victory of the Light is near!

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