The Abominable “O Holy Night”

Ommigodandgoddess! This reminds me of my personal tradition of performing loud, subtly or screechingly off-tone Happy Birthday “songs” annually to my kids, grandkids and sibs — each magnificent rendition totally unique, I might add. (They always surprise me. So exciting!)

I call the one whose birthday graces that day, and when they hear it’s me they tense up, I can feel it, knowing what’s coming, dreading it. (So insulting!) I start warbling, staccatoing, booming . . . And they have to sit through the entire abomination, which gets more and more operatic as it thuds or wavers through climax to close. (This last year, I’ve been feeling sorry for them, and just “gift” them with the first few lines.) In any case, actually, frankly, and braggingly, I think I could do an even more Abominable job than this guy with O Holy Night. has a story to go with the video. Via ranprieur.


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