The Year 2014: When the Truth Tsunami Dissolves the Matrix?

Also, see this comment by David Wilcock, re: Fulford’s post, excerpted below.

“Great to see this. In my new book I show how the events of the history of the Roman empire are repeating in modern American history. There is a ‘time fractal’ across the so-called “Age of the Zodiac” of 2,160 years.

“I predicted openly in “The Synchronicity Key” that we would see the Cabal fall apart in 2014. It has already started and nothing seems to be stopping the momentum.

“It’s the greatest football game on earth right now…

“- David”

The Avalanche of Truth Has Finally Begun…

December 24, 2013




As we get to the pointy end of 2013, I’m personally delighted to see that it seems the avalanche of truth that we have long been hoping for – and have been told was coming – has finally begun.

The NSA revelations continue to fall out, day after day, courtesy of one very brave young man, Edward Snowden (see separate story below). Revelations of this. Revelations of that. More spying. More intrusive invasions of privacy for both public and private individuals. Foreign governments, leaders and even charities under the NSA surveillance’ microscopes. And, yet, I just ‘know, there is WAY more to come…on many levels.

We’re also seeing the uncovering of many other truths, with the media covering some of the many cover-ups of recent years… 9/11. Lockerbie, corruption in governments around the world. Even forgiveness and debt forgiveness are now being talked about openly.

So, yes. it’s Christmas and the truths are snowing down. Let’s look at some of the various aspects of this avalanche of truth within the past two weeks alone.

This week, we’ve seen this major expose (1), NSA Declassifies Bush Era Documents – ‘”Bush Authorised Spying”:

“The director of national intelligence on Saturday declassified more documents that outline how the National Security Agency was first authorised to start collecting bulk phone and internet records in the hunt for al-Qaida terrorists and how a court eventually gained oversight of the program, after the justice department complied with a federal court order to release its previous legal arguments for keeping the programs secret.

“James Clapper explained in a statement on Saturday that President George W Bush first authorised the spying in October 2001, as part of the Terrorist Surveillance Program, just after the 9/11 attacks. Bush disclosed the program in 2005.”

Also in the past few days, we’ve seen a variety of stories which openly lay claim to the fact that what we’ve long been told about 9/11 – and which many, many people in their hearts and souls ‘know’ was not the truth – is starting to seep out – but now in the mainstream. We’ve now seen the Washington Post exclusive story (2) which claims the whole event was planned in cahoots with the Saudis. Well, this may be a portion of the truth, but at least the public is being made aware that there was “government involvement” in this world-changing, fear-evoking event; the greatest fear-evoking event in human history.

“After the 9/11 attacks, the public was told al Qaeda acted alone, with no state sponsors.

“But the White House never let it see an entire section of Congress’ investigative report on 9/11 dealing with “specific sources of foreign support” for the 19 hijackers, 15 of whom were Saudi nationals.

“It was kept secret and remains so today.

“President Bush inexplicably censored 28 full pages of the 800-page report. Text isn’t just blacked-out here and there in this critical-yet-missing middle section. The pages are completely blank, except for dotted lines where an estimated 7,200 words once stood …

“A pair of lawmakers who recently read the redacted portion say they are “absolutely shocked” at the level of foreign state involvement in the attacks.”

We’ve also had the President of the World Bank, Jim Yong Kim, state emphatically that “Corruption is Public Enemy No 1″. We’ve had articles saying multiple governments say they want justice and further investigations into the Lockerbie bombing (see below), which only add more traction to previous stories linking the Lockerbie bombing to arms deals. We’ve also had major arrests in Turkey and also, some very public (and not-so-gentle) political ’roundups’ in North Korea.

In India, we’ve seen an anti-corruption party take government in the world’s second largest democratic country’s largest city, shortly after the approval of a new anti-corruption watchdog.

Plus we’ve seen forgiveness come to the fore, with both the Russians forgiving the Cubans for their debt and the Russian leader Vladimir Putin providing amnesty for some prisoners. Meanwhile, President Obama has also been commuting sentences for long-term drug criminals. Now, today, we see the UK Royal pardon of Enigma codebreaker, Alan Turing.

And, suddenly,the Cubans seems to be wanting to start a dialogue with the US, following a symbolic handshake between leaders at Nelson Mandel’s funeral service.

Oh, and did I mention, Uruguay has legalized marijuana as it begins to end the ‘war’ on drugs and break down the income stream for the secret groups that have run the worldwide drug trade for years.

So it’s truth has been tumbling down the mountain of secrecy in many ways and on on many fronts.

Journalist Ben Fulford’s latest post (3), dated December 24, 2013, titled Multiple Sources Confirm 2014 Will Be the Year of Revolution in the West (which is a subscription posts so I will only run some extracts from it) also indicates big changes in the disclosure of truth are now underway.

While I cannot personally verify all Ben claims, at least his ‘intel’ is saying what we’re all now seeing the beginnings and the results of in the wider world.

He talks of the” avalanche of disclosure appearing in corporate mass media outlets about long taboo topics like 9/11, the Lockerbie bombing, the Kennedy assassination etc. indicating some sort of attempt at starting a truth and reconciliation process has begun. He adds that:

“In the US, there is a growing move within the establishment to start exposing the truth about 9/11. When Congress members start asking questions in Congress about it, for example, they are showing that they know it is safe to start talking about it in public now. The move to blame the Saudis being given wide publicity is a precursor to taking down the Bush/Nazi/Zionist faction.

“The truth about the Kennedy assassination is also now coming out, again as a part of that same trend. The sealed public documents relating to the assassination are due to be released to the public soon, according to sources close to Kennedy daughter US Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy. The sealed files are almost all held by the CIA, especially its Nazi/Bush faction the Directorate of Operations.

“There is also a move to start disclosing the CIA’s secret Iranian connection, according to MI5. One of the most damning things to come out last week concerned the Lockerbie Bombing of 1988 in which a bomb blew up an airliner over Scotland, killing 243 people.”

He also states that while the official story is that it was done by Libya it now turns out the operation was carried out to cover up the Iranian/Bush/Nazi drug connection, according to MI5 sources. He explains this by adding:

“First let us review what the connection was in a bigger context. The Iranian revolution that replaced the Shah of Iran with Ayatollah Khomeini was a Cabal run operation aimed at grabbing Persian imperial gold supplies (the gold was evacuated to Thailand), according to a cousin of the Shah. Later, George Bush Sr. got Ronald Reagan elected as President and himself as Vice President in large part because of the “October surprise” – the sabotaged rescue attempt by President Carter of the US Embassy officials being held hostage in Tehran. That operation was run by Bush agent Osama Bin Laden (aka Tim Osman) and his flunky Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

“The attempt by agency and government white hats to counter the Bush faction with the Iran/Contra hearings during the Reagan Presidency failed to remove the Bush faction. One reason was because the Lockerbie bombing killed US military intelligence and CIA officers who were on that flight on their way back to report that the Frankfurt (Bush/Nazi) branch of the CIA was running drugs out of the Bekaa valley in Lebanon for the Iranians. The plane was blown up to prevent them from reporting this to the Pentagon. Also, it happens that the commander of the Qods or Iranian special forces in the Bekaa valley became the Iranian Defense Minister a couple of years ago.”

Fulford also asserts:

“Incidents like Lockerbie are important to Pentagon types because they represent high treason. That is why we are hearing from CIA and Pentagon sources that nobody is in the mood for a touchy-feely peace and reconciliation process…

And concludes:

“…All this is coming out now because Bush and his faction have been defeated at a high level and arrests of Nazis have been proceeding at a fast clip.”

While I believe that all will transpire just as it should, with little violence – and we have yet to see mainstream proof of mass arrests – it is still evident that the avalanche of truth has finally begun.

And, as they say, once the avalanche begins the dominoes of truth will fall one by one by one and until the whole stack of truth has toppled.

So here’s a list of the various stories we’ve run on the blog over the past two weeks that are tangible proof of the title of this post. For it is now very evident and true that The Avalanche of Truth Has Finally Begun.




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  1. Rich Buckley says:

    Late Afternoon Christmas Eve

    This is the one moment each year that humankind comes closest to finding world peace. It’s the one moment many of us step outside the conflict of duality and become neutral observes with compassion for both sides. It’s the one moment I forgive my own mainstream religion for being more than half the problem. It’s the one moment when love is palpable nearly universally. Our discomfort with this moment can be confusing, immense, sorrowful and addictive all at the same time. Is it part melancholy? Compassion? Anticipation? I surrender.

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