For your viewing “pleasure,” two videos re: the astonishing devil-may-care waste of militarism in Empire

I’m deeply ensconced in organizing my life right now, as promised, but I did want to send these videos off to you. Sorry to be such a “downer” during the holidays, but remember that it’s the Winter Solstice after all (in the northern hemisphere), which means that the dark is indeed very very present and potent. We must learn how to face the darkness in the world and in ourselves completely, we must learn how to feel and utilize the immense fertility inside that awareness of the dark, in order to even begin to learn how to create and embrace a transformed, decentralized, and much more compassionate and regenerative “new world order” that honors all beings, everywhere, including Mother Earth.

The first video: one tiny segment of a hearing with a House Oversight Committee on Afghanistan. Aside from the fact that the congressman doesn’t seem to care as much about Afghanistani people as about American soldiers, I found it interesting that his deep concern for the welfare of our soldiers feels very real and heartfelt, as does his disgust with the officials in front of him who appear to know nothing. Likewise, I can’t help but notice the contrast between his generation’s view of the world (America first) and the young man who made the video who clearly thinks of himself as a world citizen, where all humans, and I imagine he would also say, all earthlings, even all beings everywhere, are equal and equally deserving of love and respect and freedom to express their full natures without being killed, maimed, poisoned, or otherwise ruined.

Via SueM:

The next video gives the bigger picture, from RT, via activist post.

Just imagine what the “million dollars per soldier” could do to begin to heal our sick society . . .

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  1. Dr. Michael Salla, in his first of four heavily footnoted books:

    (1) Exopolitics : Political Implications of Extraterrestrial Presence by Salla, Michael E. (Oct 31, 2004)

    (2) Exposing U.S. Government Policies On Extraterrestrial Life: The Challenge Of Exopolitics by Michael E. Salla (Jan 24, 2009)

    (3) Galactic Diplomacy: Getting to Yes with ET by Dr Michael E Salla (Jun 16, 2013)

    (4) Kennedy’s Last Stand: Eisenhower, UFOs, MJ-12 & JFK’s Assassination by Michael E Salla (Oct 22, 2013)

    …..carefully reviews military bookkeeping accountability. According to Salla’s extensively footnoted chronology of events the United States Congress passed CIA pushed laws that intentionally prohibit integrated, detailed, computer record keeping. We forget this major point. Before the CIA era of Dark Accounting (read that as Zero Oversight) Department heads knew it would be easy within departments to integrate bookkeeping software that would account for every penny. This ran into CIA road blocks with existing CIA pactices to infiltrate key personnel into non-military departments in a major “skimming operation much like Chicago Mobsters in Vegas casino counting rooms. $1 for the house’s pocket, and swish……….this handful of cash for the mob bosses. Salla points out there was, wink-wink, standing understanding with overpaid top department heads who gave in to their patriotic impulses to accept hundreds of thousands of dollars in over paid annual salaries to keep quiet and keep bookkeeping loose. If my memory serves me I believe Salla documents the operations of FANMA Mortgage a guasi-governmental agency, as one such supreme CIA skimming Operations and implied by the staggering amounts skimmed off, that several other government agencies and departments were and probably remain to this day part of the Chicago Crime Bosses-like Casino Skimming Operation run by the CIA on government.

    Accounting? We don’t want no stinking accounting!

    So according to Salla, (it’s been a few years since reading his first book so I am probably weak on this) but it was the CIA that undertook and sponsored laws through friendly congressional reps. The CIA’s goal were multi-purpose (1) to orchestrate new laws preventing the Government Accounting Office from computer integrating one, across-the-board, computer based system of legitimate all inclusive bookkeeping which would instantly show where every dollar is going…. a simple feat for current technologies, Obamacare notwithstanding. (2) Place a cloak over Salla and other nosy snoops (like the American Tax Payers and other possible Russian spy’s) from being able to reverse engineer Black-Ops’ budgets as Salla was apparently able to do before CIA sponsored patriots closed off that window from everyone including all government congressional oversight. (3) Protect and enhance CIA ease in corrupting top government department heads … and this all happened way back when, even before Gen. Keith Alexander of NSA hearing fame, “Can I explain that?” and “We do not have that capability”- testimony before the people’s representatives, a la March 2012 YouTube…. may his soul rest in retirement peace.

  2. The agency cited by Salla above as I best recall is Fannie Mae – FNMA, not FANMA.

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