My first decision post-Solstice Meditation, plus two must-read Laura Bruno blogposts

images-1My first decision is to beg off this blog for awhile, or at least to slow it waaaaay down. Too many projects have been piling up here. Plus, rivulets are flowing through the basement due to already saturated ground soaking up all this rain. (I just heard one of the two sump pumps down there just go off again.) Plus I still haven’t gotten my site to come back up, thanks to yahoo troubles. (Have probably spent three hours total so far just sitting on the phone on hold, with inane “music” blasting in my ear.) Plus, I have a Green Acres Neighborhood potluck here on Monday eve. Plus, I drive to Boston with son Colin on Wednesday, gone for a week. Plus I’ve got to finalize everything for the new solar arrays on the roof for tax purposes 2013 by the end of the year. Plus plus plus . . . yeek!

Okay, that said, please go to Laura Bruno’s wonderful blog and read at least these two pieces:

The first on orgone energy, and “energy pucks” which I’m going to order right now:

Amazing Orgone

The other is a piece for which I thank her from the bottom of my heart since now I don’t have to write it! It’s about urine therapy, something she and I have discussed in person, and both note how difficult it is for other people to even hear us when we talk about its benefits, much less try it themselves. As I tell people, “It’s that first sip. Taboo! Once you get past the first sip, it’s no big deal.”

Well, maybe so, but people I know can’t even contemplate taking that first sip, much less actually sipping.

What other potent medicine can you actually take around with you, wherever you go? What other potent medicine is designed specifically for you, your body, what it needs now? Plus, no cost, no fuss. Urine therapy has been my “drug of choice” for many years. If I even begin to feel weirdly symptomatic in any way, I drink my urine, and whatever it was that I was exposed to never develops. I just don’t get sick.

So please, do read this blogpost by Laura. There are at least two of us who are doing this as a matter of course. Just one person might be labeled crazy, but two? Why that defines a new version of sanity by common consent. So thank you thank you, Laura Bruno!

Feeling called to post about this “mysterious” and “deadly” flu

Oh, and one more, a really interesting piece about transforming the military economy, from about a year ago,

Moving from a war economy to a peace economy


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