Winter Solstice, December 21, 2013, 12:11 pm EST: PLEASE MEDITATE.

Winter Solstice, when the Sun, for the northern hemisphere, sitting at its lowest point in the sky, stops, turns, and begins to increase the light.

A quick look at the tropical (Earth-centered) chart for the moment of Winter Solstice, Washington, D.C. shows an intense warlike propensity. An itching for a fight mentality.

Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 9.09.12 PM

Angular Sun at the Midheaven, beginning to light up the Mars/Uranus/Pluto T-cross also angular, sitting across the Ascendant/Descendant. The next ten days, as the Sun closes in on a conjunction with Pluto and its squares to Mars and Uranus, are crucial.

Please help ameliorate this heat.

Meditate at or around the moment of Solstice, 12:11 P.M. EST, 11:11 AM CST 10:11 AM MST, 9:11 AM PST. If possible, meditate every day for the next ten days at the same time. Do it on your own, or with friends, or link up with Jean Hudon or Cobra or any other way that feels natural or comfortable for you.

Empty your mind, for even ten seconds. Immerse yourself in love. Allow love to bathe you, to pour through you. It’s there. You can feel it. Love surrounds us and interpenetrates us and IS us, if we but relax and let go.

The world is not a collection of objects but a communion of subjects.

— Thomas Berry


One can view the Winter Solstice chart as the chart that sets an exciting, rebellious, bellicose tone for the entire new year. In which case, be thankful for subterranean, wise Saturn in Scorpio, and its close square to proud Moon in Leo. And be grateful for disciplined, focused Saturn’s continuing trine with expansive Jupiter in Cancer, the sign of its exaltation, signifier of family, home and community — the human family. And notice Jupiter’s exact semi-sextile with Moon.

Saturn, Jupiter and Moon create what I call a “triangle of continuous growth,” continuous evolution.

Finally, be grateful for the magnificence of compassionate Neptune traveling through the sign it rules, Pisces, since 2012, until 2026. Neptune can and does signify the spiritual atmosphere within which we live and breathe and have our being. How clear and loving this atmosphere can become, is up to human consciousness.

Let us utilize meditation on a daily basis. Imagine what we can and will accomplish once we join hearts and focus on the common good.

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