A Terrific Riff on the Reality(?) Surreality(?) of Holograms and Hell-O-Grams

Really enjoyed this rollicking ride into and through the dervish dance of infinite possibilities. Think the piece mistitled, however, as “archon” is not the point, really. “Hologram” sure is, however — and its resonance with(?) distinction from (?) “illusion.” Reminds me of those brief moments (actually usually for a full minute or two) when a certain band within my visual field shimmers with light. Really weird, and odd. Disconcerting. What was that? And then whatever it was goes back to normal, “solid-appearing.” Neurological? I.e., “all in my mind”? I.e., “in here?” (I.e., “not real.”) Or “out there,” (i.e., “real.”) But what does that dichotomy, that supposed choice, tell me? Not much, if the duality drama itself structures the 3D hologram. And maybe those moments signal the off/on again dissolution of the 3D hologram that we are all keeping in place with our conscious and unconscious intentions, memories, habits, beliefs, auras, force fields . . .


The Archon Hologram

December 15, 2013

by Chautauqua


The other day a friend and I were discussing chemtrails, as a sub-reference to everything else that’s going on these days; speculating as to their intended purpose. The conversation took a most interesting turn when my friend mentioned a current theory postulating that chemtrails are Holographic Inserts, and not actual physical manifestations of aerosol spraying.

My initial gut instinct was to question this idea’s validity based upon both my own observations, and the fact that I have taken samples of chemtrail residue, and could seethat it had physical properties. However, my mind was quick to point out that said residue was not observed by me exiting the plane…just that it showed up in my yard on a heavy spray day! Next I thought back to a hologram demonstration I saw at Expo-80 inVancouver, Canada. I watched with a couple hundred others as a native Indian shaman spoke about ecology and conservation for 30 minutes. During the presentation a holographic campfire appeared, along with various endangered species of animals, as the shaman spoke to the audience. As the shaman finished his presentation, he waved goodbye and vanished in an impressive puff of smoke! The shaman was a hologram all along, and nobody saw it coming…it was just that real, nobody questioned what their eyes were telling them.

Still, something within me does not play well with the idea that everything is just a hologram; but why not, I ask myself, when I readily accept that all this is just an illusion? Is illusion that much different from hologram? Could they be the same thing? Doubtful; but then I don’t know for sure, which is what keeps my interest.

Many embrace the concept that we are enrolled in a full-time educational process with Earth as the classroom; and that while appearing very real to us, it is as an illusion compared to our true nature as beings of resonance. If one can accept this, why not the concept that the entire universe is a hologram? For one thing, the illusion serves the soul, while the hologram deceives the soul. The illusion is a spiritual construct designed to raise consciousness and gain enlightenment; can the same be applied to thehologram? Could it possibly that each is true? Doubtful, although they do share some common attributes, such as concealing the true nature of reality.

The idea of a holographic universe is nothing new; one of its first proponents was the late Michael Talbot who published The Holographic Universe in 1991, a year before dying from Leukemia. Noted physicists David Bohm and Karl Pribram came to very similar conclusions as Talbot, and the theory has been going strong ever since. I even recall a brief 911 theory involving holographic airplanes or some such. Right or wrong, good or bad, the holographic universe concept is probably here to stay, and is likely to continue getting the rap for things not easily categorized or explained away.

I remember some folks up on Mount Shasta a few years ago who claimed that if you just ignored the chemtrails, they couldn’t hurt you. Hard to believe, but the Japanese government is now saying the exact same thing about radiation from Fukushima, and in both cases I must call bovine excrement! Whether or not the chemtrails are holographic inserts, to simply ignore health consequences when they are so well established is, well, silly. To encourage others to do so is nothing short of criminal, as in the recent propaganda from the Chinese government that smog is good for you!!

When did we slip into the Bizzaro World from the superman comics, where every true thing is turned on it’s head, where wrong is right and down is up??? When is it good for us to breathe smog, radiation and chemtrails?? First they say it doesn’t exist, then when that dog no longer hunts, they say its GOOD for you! Whether this “reality” is a hologram or not, you have to understand that these kinds of statements from world governments are decidedly not a good sign. Of course they don’t believe the pure lies they tell, but that they think you will is somewhat worrisome.

When the subject of large scale holograms comes up I always think back to the many articles etc. regarding Project Bluebeam (see video below) which reportedly is a grand scheme cooked up by NASA, DARPA NSA & a few other alphabet soup agencies to fake an alien invasion using holograms and laser light shows.

When I reflect back on how utterly real and convincing that holographic shaman was over thirty years ago I have no doubt that the current state of the art holograms are even more realistic looking…and it does make me wonder if I have been looking at holograms all my life?? The human mind (influenced by the ego) wants to reject that possibility based solely on evidence received by the senses. The picture alters somewhat when we consider that our senses are nothing to rave and boast about. We see very little in the full spectrum of light, and our hearing is downright impaired, compared to many other species on earth. Mostly we only feel energy when it’s either hot or cold….while being blissfully ignorant of the many natural, and manmade energies swirling all around us all the time.

It’s one thing to consider that what passes for reality on this planet is an elaborate hologram; heck, we’ve even taken to calling it the matrix…and the fact that holograms are not naturally occurring (as far as we know, excluding mirages) just makes the conspiracy angle juicer for inquiring minds. Certainly I could see the possibility that someone has the necessary resources for a planet scale holographic construct…a lifetime of readingAsimov will do that for ya, and yes, the usual suspects immediately come to mind. But what about the entire universe, or to be even more specific the Multiverse … how can All-that-is be a hologram? If it IS, then who created it, what is the source?

From its very inception the idea of a holographic universe was inexorably entwined with quantum mechanics and string theory, as quantum mechanics is the search for an elegant theory of everything. The current popular quantum model has eleven dimensions; [and here it helps if you think of different dimensions as simply different octaves on the musical scale]; so 11 dimensions and an infinite number of possible realities, probable realities, and quantum entanglements…to allow for all possible configurations & permutations. How can all of this be holographic in nature, and perhaps a much better question, what is the point? If All-that-is exists only as a hologram, then what purpose does it serve, and whom does it serve?

Ponder that for a moment.

In a way, it could be said that we’re living in a hologram of sorts because the “history” we are taught in school & college bears little or no resemblance to the actual, authentic history of humans on planet earth. Take the country of Belize, for example; where the number of modern houses is far outnumbered by Mayan ruins reclaimed by the jungle, the vast majority of them unexplored. Clearly the Maya were an advanced race, perhaps even more so than the Egyptians or Phoenicians when you consider their mastery of astronomy and mathematics. Few examples of Mayan books survived the Spanish invasion, so who knows what knowledge was forever lost. A repeating event throughout history…and the history books, as we all know, are always written by the victors. Far from being as isolated example, the Maya are instead just one example out of many; ofadvanced civilizations which flourished for thousands of years, then “vanished” mysteriously…as the proverbial dog that always eats the homework!?!

Aren’t we in a sort of ‘hologram’ if the powers that be always have a revisionist version of everything that could challenge their authority or power, and always feed us that same party line generation after generation? Modern science has created it’s own sub-category called forbidden archeology and this is where all those penetrating questions go to die from neglect. Questions about the builders of the Egyptian pyramids, and those who adorned the Nasca plains with giant pictograms only visible from the air. Questions about places like Gobekli Tepe, Pumapunku, and Machu Picchu… and why so many ancient cultures were focused upon the Orion constellation. Isn’t it a different kind of ‘hologram’ when we passively allow the unqualified to do as they please with no repercussions of any kind (except in Iceland) Here’s how it works…

Isn’t the entire 40 hour work week charade a kind of living hell-ogram? Think about that the next time you’re stuck in the morning and evening commute (Twice a day, you say!). Haven’t you ever felt like a hologram, or maybe a robot…going through the exact same pantomimes each & every day, never questioning much beyond the fact that it is expected of you? Aren’t we all becoming just a bit more holographic with each right or liberty taken away in the name of homeland security, and are you really OK with all this Nazi-like Homeland crap…or do you just pretend, the squeaky wheel and all that. This job you so highly value; was it your dream…or just what you settled for because there seems to not be anything in place for dreamers and loners; just like there is no accommodation for reform or change. Isn’t that a hologram??


If we don’t have our dreams ~ We have Nothing

If the matrix of the 40 hour work week is its own kind of hologram, then certainly so is the entire financial matrix that keeps everything running, including us.

And here is how that works

financial hologram

A brief glance is all that is required to see that despite all the hype, worker drones never really become anything more than worker drones…keeping the old paradigm going is all that matters. For many centuries it has been the same: the handful of elites promise the working classes a better future but only deliver more poverty and despair…and generation after generation simply accept it as their karmic fate, or whatever, and never seem unhappy enough to do something about it. The GMO food-like-products andchemtrails are for making sure that mindset never changes. How’s that for holographic?

So, if everything really turns out to be a hologram; what part do our dreams and aspirations play in the overall hologram, are they the point of it all, or meaningless by-product of simulated consciousness? What then of our very soul, that personal spark of source we all carry within these meat suits; if everything is really just a hologram? Do those things nearest & dearest to us cease to have meaning if all we are is artificial projections…and from where did we even get the notion of soul in the first place? Is it just part of the programming? Shades of Blade Runner.

When first encountering the concept of holographic ‘reality’ be it on a planetary or universal scale; the human mind tends to dismiss the idea, mostly because it offends the ego. Spend a little time mulling the idea over, and some aspects of it may even seem plausible, but we still end up feeling that it just couldn’t be true. Is this just clever programming to prevent us from discovering our true nature? I must say that I remain unconvinced that everything is just a hologram, except of course when I look at the sad state of affairs on earth these days and see them as escalating signs of total system failure.

Now that makes sense!

Until Next Time ~ Be Good to Each Other

you matter


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0 Responses to A Terrific Riff on the Reality(?) Surreality(?) of Holograms and Hell-O-Grams

  1. ohnwentsya says:

    Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. Having read Talbot as soon as it came out it did not occur to me until just now reading your post that the holographic structure of having the whole contained in each part could or would imply any sort of unreality or deception. Perhaps its my aspie brain but the concept seemed to fit quite elegantly within the rough framework quantum physics gives us of how things work. I’m still not sure I understand how it implies unreality or deception? A hologram for projection is only a metaphor at least as I understood it, for the concept. The functional meaning of each particle containing and reflecting the whole is in line with my animist understanding that all that is, is god. Faster than ligjt communicarion makes sense easily within that framework of all is one and any change to a part is immediately reflected in the whole. We are like the particles and waves simultaneously individual particles (ie people, ego consciousness) and the entirety of existence on all levels. Therefore we have the same structure or nature of a hologram since if you smash one each fragment will still project the entire image. Another reflection of this principle is DNA. Take one cell ala Jurassic Park and recreate the whole organism. Nature loves such elegance, She seems to use that design strategy over and over throughout everything we humans have yet discovered. I think humans copied the design to make holographic projections which is why they can be so effective but its use for such deception I don’t think means that the design itself is deception. Neither the individual nor the greater whole (ie God/ All That Is) are projecting illusions. They simply are-just like the particle-waves. Its imho only the grokking of it from a western cultural mindset that is complicated.

  2. Jamie says:

    I really think that we make things too difficult on ourselves in trying to make sense out the nonsensical. I have always questioned this world structure ( this began around the age of 5 ) and gone in search of answers to these questions because it seems that, 1) No one is in possession of these answers, or, 2) If they know, they are not telling. I asked questions like, “Who said that gold is a valuable commodity?” *****A cacophony of crickets chirping here*****
    “Who said it was completely fair and reasonable to enslave people for personal, selfish reasons?” *****More chirping noises here*****
    These two burning questions plagued me for most of my life UNTIL I happened upon the work of Zecheria Sitchin. It helps, though, to read the work of Jordan Maxwell, Anthony West, Robert Temple, Robert Bauval, Adrian Gilbert, Dr. John E. Mack, Dr. Michael Newton, Clive Prince, the recently departed Lloyd Pye, Immanuel Velikovsky, Jeffrey Wolf Greene, Dane Rudhyar and many, many others to help bring into focus a vast reality unlike the one we have been funneled into.

    If everyone read ‘The 12th Planet’ there would be an audible epiphany heard ’round the world. It just is that profoundly 3rd eye opening. after reading this epic work it was easy to understand all of our dysfunctions and from whence they came. It was easy to make sense of all of the advanced cultures, in antiquity, throughout the world. It was very easy to pull together the biblical stories of visiting “angels” in fiery craft and of “immaculate conceptions”! Everything makes sense once one reads this book: Every behavior and every social structure that we have supported as our own.
    At this current stage of our evolution I can actually see that most of us are emotionally and mentally “ill” from living at the bottom of this ‘funnel’, although, I think it safe to say that those at the top are equally “disturbed”.

    I want to warn anyone, though, who reads this book, that it is disturbing and rather pornographic….sort of like the ‘bible’. While it is an ego deflating read for some, it is, nonetheless, the most important work of all time: It gets to our sordid roots.

    I think it very telling that holograms are a part of our current vocabulary. I think it speaks of something much deeper than projected futures but rather of a condition of the human trying to evolve within the parameters of pure corruption. Maybe it is all one in the same…

    Thanks for sharing such valuable and varied subject matter, Ann. This appeals to my Sadge Sun and Scorp Moon. It is a veritable “smorgasbord” of information for minds who hunger for depth and breadth!

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