Cobra Update and More on the “Liberation Petition”

I said here that I was disappointed that so many people are all for triggering “The Event” now, no matter how dangerous. I am one of the only 12% who voted to delay. Then, thanks to a nudge from my friend Paul, I read through a number of the comments underneath that post when the petition was announced, and frankly, was moved by just how little I seem to grok in terms of where “the people” are at now. I sit here in my sweet little comfort zone, and especially in the dead of a particularly icy winter, feeling instinctively reluctant to get my toes cold. So mea culpa!

I still do feel that whatever happens next is mostly up to us — which is why I focus on permaculture, local solutions, open-sourcing, gift economy, etc. We’ve got to release religious, political, ET savior scenarios and open to the primal power of the universe as expressed first through our own bodies, which are antennas for the greater body of Earth, itself one antenna within this solar system, hearkening to the greater harmony of this Milky Way Galactic Center, and so on, in and out, inner and outer, all one living, loving consciousness.

Here’s a Cobra update.

MAKE THIS VIRAL! Event Developments and Liberation Petition

December 14, 2013

by Cobra

portal2012, via Trish.

Until now, more than 12,000 people have voted in our poll and over 88% of them are in favor of triggering the Event as soon as possible. We have conducted this poll for the Chinese people in a little bit different way since the Portal 2012 website is blocked in China and most of the Chinese population could not vote on the site directly. In China, additional 388 people have voted, of which 339 (87%) would like to experience the Event now.

There were some crazy people out there trying to hijack the voting process (the Resistance knows who they are) but the vast majority of votes are valid and real and represent the will of an important part of the awakened population on the surface of this planet.

The Resistance Movement was waiting for the poll numbers to reach 12,000 people and then evaluated the situation. 12,000 people represents a certain critical mass of the awakened population and clearly the vast majority have expressed their free will and are supporting the action to be taken soon. This creates a very powerful exopolitical statement which needs to be taken seriously.

Free will is extremely important. The spark of free will in all of us is the divine spark which is actually our direct connection with the One/Source/Creator. The Source is not an energy or entity outside of us, it is rather the deepest aspect of all of us and it is actually the divine spark in us that took the vote. The Event will happen when all aspects of divinity, us here on the surface, the Resistance below the surface and the positive ET races above the surface, will align in a synchronized manner to trigger the pulse from the Galactic Central Sun. And we as a collective DO have a say in this process, although we are not the only factor involved.

In light of the current developments, the Resistance Movement and positive ET Light races, in full alignment with the will of the One/Source, have decided not to wait for the non-physical planes to be completely clear to trigger the Event. This will allow for much easier disintegration of the etheric implants as those implants will be faced with physical evidence of changes and this will effectively dissolve all implanted mind programs and the remaining etheric matrix.

Certain risks will be taken by the Light forces to speed up the Event, but this also means that the transition will not be a smooth as it was originally hoped. When the Event actually happens is not known yet, as the new plan has not yet been completely finalized.
The Resistance Movement has expressed its concern about the lack of cooperation between the leading members of the awakened human population, as that can make the whole transition process much harder for humanity. On the other hand, they understand that cooperation is not easy when true spiritual guidance on the surface of the planet is clearly absent. Therefore they have decided to initiate contact after the Event with those members of the awakened population that will be open to it, and offer them spiritual guidance. In the first phase after the Event, the Resistance will not address the human masses directly but will instruct the awakened part of the human population how to deal with the planetary situation and the human masses. Thus a partnership will be established that will build on mutual trust and understanding.

In order to promote a deeper understanding of what the Event is and to explain the background of the current planetary situation, I have been interviewed by Alfred Labremont Webre on Exopolitics TV:

You can also watch the improved audio version of this interview on Youtube:
Although we have reached a certain critical mass of 12,000 people, it is very important that you keep voting until December 21st, when the poll closes. There is strength in numbers and more people do vote, more our collective free will will be able to contribute to the situation.

The RM2m special task force has asked us for additional support. A significant part of the awakened population has expressed their will, but to further evaluate the plans for the Event, the general population on the surface of the planet needs to be involved.
Therefore they are asking for a few volunteers to be willing to conduct street surveys in their own country regarding this issue. We need at least three independent surveys (preferably on three different continents) with at least 200 (preferably 1000) people voting, in a little bit different way, to understand more the perspective of the general surface population. We would ask the volunteers to contact and they will be given further instructions how to conduct the surveys. The results and their evaluation by the Resistance will be published on this blog.

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  1. I voted with the 12% for delay … with the goal of reducing the loss of life.

    I’d like to see if by supporting Andy Basiago (Conscripted as a 7-year old in the 70’s into DARPA time travel program) campaign for US Presidency, i.e., “Andy 2016” on Facebook.

    I personally want to see if we can peacefully arrive at Disclosure, enter the new age of Aquarius in 3D, and mature in our outlook to release classified technologies for the common good, peacefully live out our lives in 3D and be re-incarnated one by one into 4D. But that’s just me.

    • Like your “gradualist” approach to all this. But, as you know, you and I are in the minority. And I find it interesting that I’m in the conservative wing of this movement. I wonder, is it my age? Not nearly so hot-blooded as when young. But then, I just read one of Doris Lessing’s autobiographical works, and she poo-poos all her involvement in any kind of “cause” when young.

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