WOW! Breaking News on Mandela’s date of death, Ison, Why world leaders in Africa NOW.

Update, 12/13/13: I finally got a chance to pursue these three posts, and had become familiar with them first I would not have posted them.

Except for the idea ascribed to the guardianexpresslv — that Mandela had been brain dead since June 26, 2013, but kept alive due to infighting among his relatives for the estate, I found myself nodding off, always a sure sign that I’m not really interested, though can’t explain to you “why.” Some of it feels like fear porn, some like wild guesses, some of it technical stuff that I can’t pretend to understand (the space shots and interpretations of ISON). In any case, forgive me, if I got your adrenalin pumping.

Reader Rose just nudged me to head on over to jhaines6.wordpress site for three articles she put up today, all in reference to subjects in the heading above. I have yet to thoroughly pursue, but I will! WHEW!

BTW: I just discovered the Las Vegas Guardian myself, a few days ago. Astonishing, since it’s only two years old.

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