Free 22 page pdf download from co-founder, David Holmgren: Essence of Permaculture

shop_essence_800s-300x300I know of one group of mostly young people in northeastern Indiana who are beginning the experiment of teaching themselves permaculture, via various group members making presentations to each other of what they learn from the free online permaculture course as well as, I imagine, the many youtube videos on various aspects of permaculture.

This group may welcome a document that puts all the permaculture principles into one concise pdf.

Are there other groups of this kind? To me, it’s an exciting development, and makes the next step, rural and urban land, both public and private, for permacultural projects, all that more crucial. We really do have a growing “army” of young permacultural enthusiasts who are itching to get their hands in the soil, do real work, and wrest this polluted, poisoned, denuded, monocultured Earth away from Big Ag. YES!

Let’s start programs for students to work off debilitating student loan debts through permaculture projects.

Next, let’s get the military involved. All those soldiers would much rather grow new life than kill it off.

And let’s release all the non-violent prisoners, help them get started in permaculture, too. You think I’m joking?

We are going to need an enormous number of dedicated, energetic, focused people to get this r-evolution going. Permaculture takes a vast amount of both imaginative reach and physical labor, at first; then less and less as time goes on and the soil builds fertility, and water starts to soak in; as plants of different species intertwine with each other, giving and receiving in kind — just like we who share our energies with each other give and receive in kind.

We have so much to learn from Mother Nature! She who, with great rocking pulsations, pushes us out of the birth canal; she who subtly nurtures and guides us throughout our short or long lives; she who releases our questing spirits and receives our tired bodies when this journey is done.

Via Keith.


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