Mandela: Hero, Thwarted.

APTOPIX South Africa Mandela MourningI couldn’t bring myself to focus on the state theatrics of Mandela’s funeral. Couldn’t bring myself to join the parade. Since Mandela’s death, my absolute admiration for Mandela’s courage, determination, endurance — and once freed, his imaginative reach for both forgiveness and reconciliation — have all been all slammed by placing his long, remarkable journey in the context of neoliberal shock doctrine capitalist policies and politics during and after his presidency that morphed racial apartheid into class apartheid. While some may slam Mandela for that, and scorn the pompous festivities upon his death, I would rather see him as a tragic figure who, despite his best efforts, remained caught inside the Matrix. I’ve posted one piece that holds this flavor. Here’s another one.

Mandela: Hero Thwarted

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