How do we respond to accelerating financial inequality? Change the rules? Revolt?

Here’s a video that documents what’s going on in graphic terms.

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And see video below that documents journalist Chris Hedges’ youth as a scholarship student at a fancy boys’ school, where he witnessed the rudeness and indifference with which his school friends treated “the help” in their fancy homes. As he says, from that young age, he knew who his enemies were.

I spent 20 years in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, most of them living in a 20-foot diameter yurt in the tiny village of Kelly, across from the Grand Teton. During my time there (1982-2002) I witnessed the ultra-rich start to appropriate that wild place as their own, so I found Chris Hedges’ observations on their entitled behavior and attitude telling. But is he correct? Is revolt the only answer?

Won’t the rules change unless and until we revolt? Perhaps.

Meanwhile, as each of us sheds our fear and dares to express our full unique natures into the world, we offer our innate skills and talents and proclivities to join others in germinating a new world underneath the end-game of the old one. A new world that releases predatory competition as the goal of life and remembers how to cooperate and connect. Along with millions of others, that’s what I’m counting on and working towards, via the many facets and scales of permaculture, both principles and practice. As we learn how Nature regenerates abundant living systems, year after year after year, so by re-integrating with Nature on all levels, can we finally relax into her immense, steady, forgiving arms.

(I hear some readers scoff: “you are living in a pipe dream.” Hey, maybe so! And so what? At the very least, no matter what happens, I will have done my very best. Can you say the same? If not, then please join us. You’ll feel better. Complaints and criticisms and bitterness and inaction — especially while waiting for rescue, from ETs or some Lone Ranger Robin Hood — this disconnection from the body and the Earth tends to degenerate into futility, depression, paralysis — the living dead. Zombieland! Plenty of people are sunk into that sad state already. Do you want to join them?)

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