Josh Tolley: “Quit your job or die!” (Literally!)

Yesterday’s news that Detroit is officially bankrupt and city workers’ pensions will be stripped . . . does this ruling set a precedent for other cities? And does this ruling ring an alarm bell for you personally? And, are you reading this post at work, when you’re supposed to be “working” in a cubicle at a soulless job you hate even though you get away with maybe 10 hours a week surfing the internet with no boss looking over your shoulder?

Josh Tolley, to Luke Rudowski on We are Change:

“It all depends on the people to create our own economy. . . Entrepreneurship leads to freedom. Employment is extremely dangerous!”

The Economic Warning Alternative Media Ignored

September 24, 2013

Too often when people who pay attention to what is happening on the world’s stage talk about finance we have a tendency to focus on central banking, monetary valuation, exchange rates, interest rates, and so forth.If the people are going to regain control of the economy however, they need to start focusing on the growth of individual economic conditions. YES, individual economics is influenced by institutional economics, but we has so abdicated our position in our own personal economics that failure which could be preventable are now becoming failures of life and death…literally.You need to hear and share this story as we work to transform this economy from an employment based economy to an entrepreneurship based economy:

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