Carl Boudreau, December’s chart: We have shifted from fighting headwinds to noticing tailwinds.

Astrologer Carl Boudreau is wonderfully soothing in this 34 minute clip for December. He, like myself, focuses on the transit of structural Saturn through the fixed, secretive, immensely powerful sign of Scorpio (and search “Saturn in Scorpio” on this site for many mentions), and the changing geometrical energetic planetary configurations Saturn both participates in and focuses, as that which slows down the Uranus/Pluto revolutionary/death-rebirth process enough to work slowly and patiently behind the scenes, and in great detail, to ultimately transform and redistribute the currents of wealth and power and sheer human energy in the direction of the common good.

In his chart for the month (set up for the midpoints of New Moon and Full Moon charts), harmonious grand trine, kite, and mystic cross interlace with two dynamic and feverish T-squares to manifest what I’d call a gradual evolutionary upgrade. YES!

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