Terrence McKenna: In order to get back in touch with Nature, “we must catalyze the human imagination to form symbiotic relationships with the plants.”

“The body is the nexus of the mystery of life. And our culture takes us out of the body, and sells our loyalty into political systems, into religions, into inanimate objects and machines . . .the felt experience of the body is what the psychedelics are handing back to us. It’s an escape [A.K. from the Machine Matrix] into the body, into the authentic felt experience of the body. It’s a journey into the Gaian mind. That the Earth is a coherent whole, the Mama Matrix most mysterious, nothing more than our bodies and the Earth out of which our bodies came. This reconnecting to the Gaian mind becomes a moral imperative.

“We have to abandon western cultural values and return to the deeper wisdom of the body in connection with the plants. That’s the seamless web that leads us back into the heart of Nature. And if we can do this, then this very neck of cultural crisis can be navigated. Very little of the past can be saved. . . but what can be saved is the sense of love, and caring, and mutuality that we all put into and take from the human enterprise.

“We now hold, in psychedelics, catalysts for the human imagination, of sufficient power, that if we use them we can deconstruct the lethal vehicle that is carrying us toward the brink of apocalypse. We can redesign that vehicle into a kind of starship that will carry us and our children out into the broad starry galaxy that we know is awaiting us.”

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