Extinction Protocols, Fukushima: Has “Extinction Event” already occurred?

Eleventh in a series.

I’d much rather point to a post like this one AFTER Thanksgiving. On the other hand, if we are to go out, let us do so in gratitude, for each other, for what’s left of the precious living world, for what we have, hopefully, learned in this round of the eternal cycle.

What, after all, are and should be the protocols for extinction?

On the other hand this post may be mistaken. Or it may be deliberate fear porn. Or “the galactics” may indeed be cleaning up most of the mess. They have certainly monitored nuclear situations in the past, and prevented “accidents.” See Nukes and UFOs. Some channeled information claims that they are also cleaning up chem trails. (See goldenageofgaia.com)

And then there’s the theory that this massive release of radiation is deliberate, to evolve a mutant version of “human” that can withstand or even make use of radiation. Or that the atmosphere needs to be made radioactive enough for some species of ET who wish to land. Wish I could remember where I saw these ideas.

In any case, this post is worth pondering. And preparing. As Don Juan is reported to have said to Carlos Casteneda: “Death walks by your left shoulder.” Radiation or no radiation, each moment of our lives is also a pointer towards the grand finale, what we call “death,” — the dissolution of this human form and the release of the spirit — always was, is, and will be.

So what such an extinction event, if true, teaches us is that we are perhaps fortunate to have some idea of “when” so better to prepare ourselves on all levels, and, hopefully, to complete all the karma that still lies unhealed. All the broken relations. All the fear, the hatred, the feelings of stuckness, revenge, bitterness. Both desire and aversion must be neutralized, if we wish to die “a good death.”

And whose to say what might happen next? If every human on Earth processed all the karma that is now either held in denial or throbbing with pain, might indeed the whole world change? If all of us forgive everyone who has wronged us, including our own selves for “stupid mistakes,” our tendency to lie, cheat, steal, and kill off all that is good in ourselves and others and the world at large, who’s to say that this would not shift the collective atmosphere, including our relation to radiation which, after all, is the final bogeyman, the one that we can’t seem to even begin to come to terms with rationally.

Key documents relating to Fukushima

November 27, 2013

by Mike Ruppert



— (This link) goes directly to the heart of my open letter to Arnie Gunderson of two days ago ….

Based upon my entire career of document examination I consider the source documents used in this piece to be as unimpeachable and authentic as any I have ever seen or used in my own work. Examine and challenge them for yourself. Every standard I have ever used or been shown to apply to documentation has been met. All that remains then is the spiritual/emotional strength to read and understand the English language.

Easier said than done.

— It is my prayer and deepest heartfelt wish that somehow what follows can be shown to be incorrect. If it is correct, however, then in my estimation ONLY two important questions remain to be asked. They are, “Exactly how much radiation has been released and how many human beings have already been fatally exposed and in what regions of the Northern Hemisphere?” And, “As radiation continues to spread – especially for more dangerous isotopes like plutonium – is this then an eventual life-terminating release of radiation for the entire planet?”

Based upon the full documentation and the excerpts below I can come to no other conclusion but that all of the radiation stored in SFPs 2, 3 and 4 has already been released. And I would suspect the same thing for Unit 1. The redactions make it impossible to know for sure. Please, please, make and take the time to read the full transcript(s) for yourself and see what you understand.

I beg all those endorsing the TEPCO charade about fuel assembly removal at SFP 4 to clarify your positions and maintain your credibility in our eyes.

NRC Transcript – TEPCO relayed information Unit 4 SFP Dry – Walls collapsed and incapable of holding inventory – Unit 3 “everything else gone”


[ ]….NRC CHAIRMAN JACZKO: Yes. So, again, just to repeat, we believe pool No. 4 is dry, and we believe one of the other pools is potentially structurally damaged?

CHUCK CASTO: That’s correct…

CHUCK CASTO: And we certainly know, I think we absolutely know that pool No. 4, though, the walls have collapsed –


BRUCE: — you indicated that the walls of the pool were damaged or down?


NRC CHAIRMAN JACZKO: I’m not going to get into that level of detail. I mean the relevant factor is it’s dry.

CHUCK CASTO: Yes, and they can’t maintain inventory at all…

MALE PARTICIPANT: But it’s okay because he’s not going to get into that level of detail. But we just need to be careful about consistency in the assessment of the information. I know it’s going to change, too.

CHUCK CASTO: Yes, well, we were consistent. That’s what we heard; that’s the last we were told, that the walls were not there…

BILL RUAN (phonetic): Okay. I just talked to Jim Trapp. And let me try to give you the background of where some of this information comes from.


CHUCK CASTO: So, it’s drained.



BILL RUAN: Yes. Right, right.

CHUCK CASTO: That’s what I was saying, you can’t get water in it.

BILL RUAN: Yes, because there’s no fuel pool left.


BILL RUAN: Unit 3, he believes


And basically, everything else is gone, and at least in his opinion, and, of course,

Chuck knows this, Jim’s opinion is there’s no water in the pool.


BILL RUAN: Unit 3.

Unit 2, he believes it’s drying out. If you look at the top of the building now, that hole that they created, there’s steam coming out of that hole.

CHUCK CASTO: It’s in dryout.

BILL RUAN: They’re drying it out.

And, then, the only pool that might be okay is Unit 1…

MALE PARTICIPANT: -You know, as Jim has pointed out, when you do your calculations to get your nuclear engineering degree, you do your radiation, you know, what’s the dose rate for the single fuel assembly? You know, you get like a million R an hour.

And we’ve got how many fuel assemblies?

BRUCE: Hey, Chuck?


BRUCE: One of the questions that we’ve had is we’re getting some conflicting information, and Bill may have something more up-to-date than me. But it looked like there were a lot of attempts to try to get power back to the site. And so, we’ve heard in one instance that they’ve got the power line back to sites; others, that they’re still working on it.

CHUCK CASTO: Yes, we don’t have any information on that I’ve heard. The only thing, Bruce, I mean it’s always helpful to get power back.

But my understanding is it’s really just not going to do any good……[ ]

To see transcript GO HERE

The full NRC transcript is available HERE

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