Mathew’s Message on the 50th Anniversary of JFK Assasination

I hesitated whether or not to publish this channeled post from Mathew, since parts of it feel excessively rosy to me, once again assuming ET help in cleaning up radiation and restoring the ecosystem. True? Perhaps. Certainly, it does seem true that ETs have prevented nuclear missile malfunctions and accidents for decades now, and this is what makes me wonder if they are working here in other ways as well.

But if so, do we then just sit back and wait for our rescuers to come for us? Or will we shake off our victim/scarcity consciousness and take charge, dig deeply into Life on Earth, begin to reweave our communion with this magnificent planet as she sings her way through the cosmos.


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While researching “star gates in Iran” this morning, I discovered this photo of a glorious sculpture, presumably a goddess. Innana? Just look at her! Drink her in. Her courage, her energy, her fire, her deep deep comprehension that the primal energy that runs the universe courses through her own body.

I was checking out star gates because of an email interchange with reader Rose, who wondered why Iran is so important to all the PTB, and I responded, intuitively, without thinking, “stargates?” Anybody know anything about this?

Mathew’s Message via Suzy Ward, November 22, 2013

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